I'll miss you, #secrettitle.

This post is going to seem ridiculous to some, to others, they may understand, but I wanted to tell you about why I'm going to miss referring to my debut novel as #secrettitle. 

I suppose my utter disbelief of everything that's going on right now originally stems from never really thinking that I'd get anywhere. Sounds lame, doesn't it? But it's oh so true. I went to college, I studied, I made plans that never really took shape and that never really meant anything to me at the time. Perhaps I was just trying to fill my future with plans so that it didn't look so empty and unexciting. I know, what a rubbish way to look to the future, but writing just seemed so unachievable and out of reach that it felt ridiculous to even place it in the 'hopes and dreams for the future' box. 

Now, I seem to have found myself gradually approaching my debut novel's publication date. It still sounds utterly surreal. Like, I have just swapped lives with someone? Or is this actually happening to me right now? Apparently, it is happening right now, and I'm a little breathless from the heady concoction of excitement, terror and pure exhilaration! 

This Friday, the 27th of March 2015, #secretitle's real title is going to be revealed, and I know it sounds stupid, but I feel really emotional about the fact that I'm no longer going to be able to hide behind it's mysterious veil. Yes, I know, I'm a complete wimp, but once you all hear what my debut novel is called, you're going to see what my writing is all about... And that scares me so, so much. 

It's a big step, or it seems that way to me anyway, to finally reveal what I've been working on and to reveal what it's going to be called. She's been known as #secrettitle for such a long time, but finally, it's time for her to step out from behind the curtain and become an actual 'title'. Gah, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it. 

So gorgeous bookworms, I do hope you'll stick around on Friday to find out what #secrettitle's real title is, because I may need you all to calm me down when it takes place ;) 


  1. So happy for you Becca, a fantastic achievement for you and I cannot WAIT until it is released!! Will be glued to my PC on Friday to find out the title :) xx

    1. Aurwh, Laura! Thank you so much. Your ongoing support means absolutely EVERYTHING TO ME! I'm so looking forward to finally revealing the title to everybody. I hope you love it! xxx

  2. Lovely Becca, it's utterly terrifying to step out of the safety of the shadows and expose your dreams to the world - I don't know of a writer who doesn't want to run and hide from the prospect. But you'll find it such a thrilling experience, too, that you won't know whether you want to throw up from terror or excitement!

    The very best of luck for Friday - can't wait to see your secret revealed.

    Kat x

  3. Becca, you have so very much to offer, and I join all your other fans in wishing you all the best. It is both scary and exciting to have your work in front of the whole world, but embrace it and try to enjoy and love it! It will hold all the more value because it's a labor of love that you believe in. I look forward to Friday!

  4. Ah, but you're moving into a new phase of your life and what a brilliant one it will be. As writers we give so much of ourselves on the page but bring so much fulfilment to a lot of people. Happy publication day - you've got lots of supporters Becca!