Revealing Kerry Fisher's cover of The Island Escape

Today on Becca's Books, I am absolutely over the moon to be teaming up with Avon Books and revealing the holiday-inducing cover of Kerry Fisher's The Island Escape. If the dull weather has put a hold on your holiday plans so far this year, then I can assure you that once you see this cover, you'll be planning your paradise escape as soon as possible!

Behold, the absolutely STUNNING cover of The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher!
*Rushes off to book holiday!*

The Island Escape
By Kerry Fisher
Published May 21st 2015 (eBook & paperback)

It's time to get back to where it all began...

Octavia Sheldon thought she'd have a different life. One where she travelled the world with an exotic husband and free-spirited children in tow. But things didn't turn out quite like that. 

Married to safe, reliable Jonathan, her life now consists of packed lunches, school runs and more loads of dirty washing than she ever thought possible. She's not unhappy. It's just that she can barely recognise herself any longer. 

So as Octavia watches her best friend's marriage break up, it starts her thinking. What if life could be different? What if she could escape and get back to the person she used to be? Escape back to the island where she spent her summers? And what if the man she used to love was there waiting for her...?


Oh man, oh man, oh man. 
Does the blurb excite you, because it definitely excites me! And oh, how beautiful escaping to the island where Octavia spent her summers sounds! I can't wait to tag along and see where Octavia's fate leads her. And what about the man that she used to love being there, eh? I can't wait to see how that plays out!

You can pre-order your very own gorgeous copy below, because who wouldn't want to be reading this beside the pool, beneath a sizzling sun? 

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  1. The books sounds so intriguing and the cover is gorgeous! Makes it even harder to wait for the snow here in New Jersey to melt into spring and summer. Perfect timing!