The Unfortunate Tale of Hairboy and other Horribles by Sebastian Gregory

Remember children, 
Do not turn on the light when a thing goes bump in the night, 
For the thing lurking in the dark waiting for you, 
Will be able to see clearly too.

Title - The Unfortunate Tale of Hairboy and other Horribles
Author - Sebastian Gregory
Publication Date - 28th February 2015
Publisher - Self-published 
Format - eBook (Provided via author)
Pages - 42

The blurb

A boy made of hair, a girl who finds a monster under her bed and takes it to school, triplets born with the faces of pigs, a boy who cannot die but rots away, a passed away Grandfather sharing the secrets of the dead, a lady who whispers from her home in the wall, a child trapped in a mirror... They are all here, join them if you dare.

Becca's thoughts

Firstly, I'd like to say a HUUUGE thank you to the author Sebastian Gregory for providing me with a copy of The Unfortunate Tale of Hairboy and other Horribles in exchange for a fair and honest review. Readers, I love this author. Absolutely LOVE him! There is something incredibly entertaining yet creepy about Sebastian's writing, whether that be the novels that I've previously read, or, like above, a collection of poetry (which, by the way, is the first collection of poetry that Becca's Books has reviewed). It chills and thrills, causes laughs and gasps, and even, in the dark, had me wondering what lurked! So, without further ado, let me tell you why I loved this dark and gruesome poetry collection by the marvellous Sebastian Gregory. 

It has been such a long time since I last read poetry, but reading this had all sorts of memories coming back to me. When I was younger, I used to read poetry almost as much as fictional stories. I had this book of poems which were all about school and teachers and dinnertime and thinking back, I remembered just how much I adored it! It made me laugh, made me cringe, and as a little girl, that pleased me to no end. So, it was an utter joy to dive into this grizzly collection by Seb! 

I have to admit, whenever it comes to reading something by this author, I know it's not going normal, but I mean this in the best way possible, because not only is Sebastian Gregory's imagination like a mash-up of fairy-tales and nightmares, but he has this Gothic, Victorian vibe going on that really strikes a chord with me. It can be felt in Seb's novels, too. His descriptions, the murky atmospheres that he creates, they're just brilliant. This is more than evident in The Unfortunate Tale of Hairboy and other Horribles

Within this collection, we're presented with thirty-one poems. Thirty-one creepy little creations that I'm sure will scare the wits out of any young children whose imaginations are still running wild. I can tell you now, a fair few of them gave me goosebumps, especially sat in bed, late at night with the lights off! Seb has brought forward everything he could think of, including things such as children with pig faces, a boy made completely of hair, and let's not be forgetting an asylum for fairy-tale creatures! What I loved was that a couple of the poems were actually connected to some of Seb's published novels ie. The Boy in the Cemetery and Asylum for Fairy-Tale Creatures, so they tied in perfectly with his previous work! 

All of the works within this collection had that unique Sebastian Gregory style to them. Weird, yet incredibly wonderful, and just that little bit too far... in that if you sat and thought about them for too long, they could probably have you turning on the lights before stepping out into a dark hallway, or refusing to look in the mirror as you brush your teeth. 

If I had to pick a personal favourite from the collection, I'd have to say the very first poem that I came across when I began reading, which was The Pig Children. In a nutshell, this poem is about a woman who gives birth to triplets, but rather than baby faces, they emerge with pig faces! Terrified by the turn of events, the woman shrieks for her husband to throw them out, but he has other ideas. He plans to fatten them up and then eat them! The triplets hear this news, and rather than sit around, getting fat, they decide to take matters into their own hands. This poem reminded me so much of the old tale Hansel and Gretel, and of how, in the end, they get their own back on the witch! It was brilliant, and so were the other poems within the collection. 

Sebastian Gregory has such a unique, edgy style that I just can't get enough of. Twisted fairy-tales, gruesome descriptions and fantastic poetry are all included, and it was an absolute pleasure to be allowed to read these. It was like stepping back in time to being a child again, believing in monsters hiding under beds!

Becca's Books is giving The Unfortunate Tale of Hairboy and other Horribles by Sebastian Gregory four scrummy cupcakes! For those readers who love to dip into something different every now and again, I dare you to try this! 


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