Learn To Love Again by Ellen Faith ~ BLOG TOUR!

I want to feel like me again.

Title - Learn To Love Again 
Author - Ellen Faith 
Publication Date - March 14th 2015
Format - eBook (Provided via author)
Pages - 101

The blurb

Living in a small seaside village can have its perks, but after the death of her husband, Lillie Gilbert finds the people she grew up with turning against her faster than the tide rolls out. 

As she grieves for the life they planned, the life they'll never live, she leans on her best friend for support and tries to come to terms with the fact that one day, she may have to open up her heart to a new life and new love. 

After losing her childhood sweetheart, can Lillie really Learn To Love Again?

Becca's thoughts

Before I begin my review of Learn To Love Again by the wonderful Ellen Faith, I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Tay from Chicks That Read for getting in touch with me in regards to Ellen's blog tour, and for also providing me with a copy of the author's brand new novella. Thank you, Tay! (Just a quick note here for bloggers/authors: be sure to check out Tay's website, it-is-fabulous!)

So, Learn To Love Again is Ellen Faith's third release. I've previously read and loved The Story of Us and Home for the Holidays, both of which were bursting at the seams with the author's humour, gorgeously engaging characters and just everything else that I love about Ellen's writing. I've always found it incredibly easy to lose myself within the pages of her books, which isn't surprising really, as they're just so cosy and smoothly written. I really couldn't wait to see what Ellen had in store for me next with Learn To Love Again. 

When I read the blurb of Ellen's latest novella, I noticed immediately that it sounded very different to her normal girly, chick-lit type books. It sounded much more serious in tone, incredibly emotional and very much like one of those books that should come with a tissue warning. I loved the idea of Lillie Gilbert's story being set within a seaside village, and it brought all sorts of images to mind of those tight-knit communities and how fast word gets around. The blurb had me wondering what exactly had happened to have made the people Lillie had grown up with turn against her after her husband's death, and I couldn't wait to dive in to discover more. 

Once I'd began reading, it didn't take long for me to realise that I was right about the tissue warning. Gah! Ellen managed to achieve such a tenderness and heart-wrenching realness with her writing, my eyes pooled with tears on more than one occasion. I could not believe the sheer emotion that was within the words, it was so real and so raw, and moved me immeasurably. There were some seriously heartbreaking moments within Lillie's story, moments where I wanted to reach into my Kindle and squeeze her, and it saddened me that I couldn't. Ellen really went to work in this one, folks. I thought she was a fantastic writer after reading her first two novels, but after reading Learn To Love Again, I feel like I've just seen the author in a whole different light, and only now am I aware of how beautifully she can put her words together. It surprises me that Ellen was able to make the emotion within this novella feel so real without having experienced Lillie's pain and heartbreak herself. I am completely in awe of the author right now. Completely! 

When the reader is first introduced to Lillie, she's already lost her husband Nick. We walk beside her, reading everything in first person narrative, and experience it all as Lillie attends his funeral and says her final goodbyes. As if the sheer brutality of losing her husband isn't enough, Lillie also has to face the cruel taunts from the people of her seaside village, where she and Nick and best-friend Sam grew up, who refuse to accept that it wasn't Lillie's fault that Nick was taken. The guilt, the pain, the pure, raw heartbreak is so incredibly evident when reading, I couldn't help but to shoulder some of the emotions that Lillie had to deal with. I felt angry on her behalf at the vile people of Barton-by-the-Sea who couldn't keep their mouths shut. I felt an overwhelming sadness whenever Lillie thought about the future the she and Nick would no longer have together, the plans that would no longer happen. It was just absolutely drenched with some of the most emotive language I've come across, and trying to imagine myself in Lillie's position only served to make me even sadder. Ellen takes the reader on a journey alongside Lillie, as she grieves for the life she'll now never see, and as, oh-so-slowly, she begins to come back to life. Best-friend Sam, who left for LA when the three of them were younger, comes back to help Lillie heal, and despite it being a difficult, length process, I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face when I began to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel for Lillie Gilbert. 

Within this book, the reader is able to watch a beautiful transition take place. From broken-hearted, lifeless, dead-to-the-world Lillie Gilbert, we see a Lillie Gilbert appear who, after a long time, finally begins to take steps towards living again. With the help of her friends and family, and Nick, Lillie begins to realise that her husband would never have wanted her to live the rest of her life as a sad, shell of a person, but rather to thrive and be happy and smile, and of course, love again. It was, readers, such a moving, delicately written story of love, loss, and love again. What made it seem even more personal was that Ellen, throughout the duration of her novella, included small snippets from the past, of Lillie and Nick's life together before he passed away, and it becomes clear that a lot went on in their relationship. Ellen deals with some pretty dark issues within this story, things that reader isn't aware of beforehand, and I felt privileged to be able to see things had already been and gone. 

Learn To Love Again by Ellen Faith packed a big emotional impact for a novella. Beautifully written, in a gorgeous seaside setting, it was a message to people that life does go on, and no matter how bad things may seem, with the help of your loved ones, you can be brought back to life. It was moving on so many levels, and Lillie Gilbert goes through a hell of a lot in such a short amount of time. Now that I've finished, I can safely say that wow, from start to finish, I absolutely adored this story. Becca's Books is awarding Learn To Love Again by Ellen Faith with FOUR OF MY GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! A tender, emotional package, wrapped up in a huge hopeful bow.

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