Normal by Graeme Cameron

It's a rare and fortunate man who can pinpoint precisely the moment his life began to unravel.

Title - Normal
Author - Graeme Cameron
Publication Date - 9th April 2015
Publisher - MIRA 
Format - Paperback (Provided via publisher)

The blurb

'The truth is I hurt people. 

It's what I do. It's all I do. It's all I've ever done. 

I'm not NORMAL.'

He is the man who lives on your street. The one you see in the supermarket and nod hello to. 

He's also a serial killer. Killing is what he's good at. 

He's the most compelling antihero since Patricia Highsmith's Ripley. 

And you'll want him to get away with MURDER.

Becca's thoughts

A massive thank you to the wonderful Cara Frances for getting in touch with me regarding a review copy of Normal by Graeme Cameron. Now, as you well know (and if not, just take a look at my blog), my reading habits strictly hover around romance. Beautiful, sweet, heart-warming romance, with dishy men, blushing women, and a love story that will make me swoon! Now, take a look at the book that I'm about to review. Does it look sweet, beautiful and heart-warming to you? This is so far out of my reading zone that I almost turned it down, but there was something that compelled me to read it. Probably the title. Definitely the blurb. And the cover looked pretty damn creepy too. So, here I am, about to tell you why I loved Normal by Graeme Cameron, and why I think you might like it too.

Now that I've finished the book, the title Normal makes complete and utter sense to me. Firstly, Graeme's character, who remains nameless throughout the entirety of this book, is anything but normal, in that he kills people, keeps a woman in a cage in his basement, and looks for victims in supermarkets. Secondly, and this will probably make no sense to you at all, but Graeme's character is normal, on the outside anyway. He's so normal in fact, that you would never think, in a billion years, that he had a cage in his basement or that he killed people... I know. It's confusing, but if you were to read the book, then you'd know exactly what I mean. Even when this character kills, he's laid-back and casual, to the extent that Graeme's writing almost makes the reader feel completely normal about it too, which is insane in itself, but so very true. Graeme's nameless character was a puzzle to me the entire way through. I honestly couldn't get a hold on him. I knew that his mother had left when he'd been younger, and that his father had died, so of course, this had distorted his views somewhat. He was very clever in how he thought, how he achieved his plans and carried them out, and this cleverness compelled me to read on. He was meticulous, precise, and so very, very controlled. Honestly, if ever there was a character who beguiled me, then this guy would be that character. 

As the story progressed, bits and pieces about Graeme's main character surfaced and were brought to my attention, parts of the characters history which perhaps moulded him into the man that he'd grown into. Right at the very beginning, the plot took a complete twist and from that point on, I just couldn't put it down. Reading on and finding out what was to come became very important, and I was utterly intrigued by how normal the craziest of things were made to seem. At times, the details were gruesome, at others, completely casual, and this seriously had my brain going mental. I honestly believe that I spent the entirety of this book trying to figure circumstances out, figure characters out, and trying to picture how the roller-coaster ride would eventually end. 

Graeme's writing style held me captivated. As I've mentioned above, about a million times already, everything just seemed so bloody NORMAL! Even the tone of the book itself had me feeling like it was totally normal for this character to be doing the things that he was doing, which is absolutely ridiculous, I know, but the God's honest truth. Graeme just wrote so effortlessly and smoothly, I couldn't quite believe it. 

Overall, reading Normal by Graeme Cameron felt, to me, as if I'd stepped through the looking-glass into a weird, and quite frankly, disturbing world. Even now, I'm still trying to figure out the nameless man who was anything but normal, but seemed completely normal. Becca's Books is rating Normal by Graeme Cameron with FIVE CUPCAKES! (Not fitting at all, really) I thoroughly enjoyed my reading of this book, and would recommend it to any readers out there who enjoy thrilling, gripping books that will have you second-guessing everything and everyone. 


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  1. This is not usually my type of read either, but WOW!! It sounds amazing and I am totally adding it to my TBR right now!! Awesome review Becca!