The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe by Jenny Oliver ~ BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY!

'If we were all perfect in our pasts then we'd have nothing to hope for in our futures.'

Title - The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe 
Author - Jenny Oliver
Series - Cherry Pie Island #1
Publication Date - 27th March 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - eBook (Provided via publisher)

The blurb

Welcome to the brand new Cherry Pie Island series from Jenny Oliver!

Home, sweet home...?

When Annie White steps back onto Cherry Pie Island, it's safe to say her newly inherited Dandelion Cafe has seen better days! And while her childhood home on the Thames-side island idyll is exactly the same retreat from the urban bustle of London she remembers, Annie's not convinced that owner of Dandelion Cafe is a title she'll be keeping for long. Not that she can bear the idea of letting her dedicated, if endearingly disorganised staff lose their jobs. Plus cafe life does also have the added bonus of working a stone's throw away from millionaire Matt and his disarmingly charming smile! 

One (shoestring budget) cafe makeover, a few delightful additions to the somewhat retro menu, and a lot of cherry pie tastings later, The Dandelion Cafe is ready for it's grand reopening! But once she's brought the dilapidated old cafe back to life, Annie finds herself wishing her stay on the island was just a bit longer. She always intended to go back to the big city... but could island living finally have lured her back home for good? 

Becca's thoughts 

Let me start off by saying that it was so incredibly lovely to envelope myself within a brand new Jenny Oliver-esque world, and I don't think the author could have introduced her brand new Cherry Pie Island series in a more welcoming, inviting and wonderful way. I'd also like to thank the fabulous Sara Veal for getting in touch with me in regards to hopping along on the blog tour, and for providing me with a review copy in exchange for a fair and honest opinion. Despite having been book-blogging for almost near on two years, the utter thrill and excitement of being invited along for a book tour (especially when it's an author that you've read and loved) never, ever goes away. NEVER! 

My past experiences of Jenny's books have left me yearning for more. I associate Jenny with having the uncanny ability to force hunger upon readers through the power of words, myself included, especially food of a sweet and delicious nature, food that really, really gets your taste-buds tingling. The author's descriptions of not only food, but settings and characters as well, are absolutely fantastic, and thankfully, this radiates throughout all of Jenny's previous novels as well as her latest. Which is why, as well as adoring the title and cover of the The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe, I just could not frickin' wait to see what Jenny had in store for her readers next (and to salivate over whatever sugary goodness was on the menu).

It goes without saying that Jenny's cover for The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe is superbly evocative. That hazy blue sky, the boats resting on the sand, the lighthouse, and of course, last but by no means least, the adorable little cafe with that oh-so-cute red-and-white striped awning that reminds me of sunshine, ice-cream and sandcastles. Just the sight of the cover had me dreaming up all sorts of gloriously satisfying holiday imaginings, children running along that sandy shore, someone peeping down from the top of the lighthouse. Don't you just love when a cover has your mind running wild with all sorts of dreamy scenarios? Coupled with Jenny's delightful title, I really do think that it is the perfect package. 

From the moment The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe begins, Jenny hooks the reader immediately into the world of Annie White, and the dilemma that she finds herself facing. She has inherited the rather tired-looking Dandelion Cafe, but despite knowing that she isn't up to the job of sprucing it back up, she can't seem to let it go. Filled with childhood memories of the island's famous Cherry pie, and spurred on by the thoughts of her father, Annie gets a plan together, and embarks upon the journey of bringing the Dandelion Cafe back to life. I'm a sucker for a renovation story, for a flurry of childhood memories, and for a heroine who is determined to prove everyone wrong. Annie had made a few mistakes in her past, but let's face it, who hasn't? But for some reason, certain family members just couldn't seem to let them go. Annie had, for the majority of her life, not been able to feel truly capable of achieving anything, mainly due to her showy-offy brother who seemed to be the best at everything. So when she takes on the job of taking care of the Dandelion Cafe, her brother's sarcastic comments turn out to be the fuel to her fire. She's more determined that ever to make Dandelion Cafe better than it's ever been before, even if the staff are a tad difficult at times. 

Everything about The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe was pulling, tugging, and worthy of the arm-ache. Cherry Pie Island was atmospheric, full of that cosy feel that comes alongside family and memories and home-cooking, as well as yummy desserts! I adored watching Annie as she took the steps towards the reopening of the cafe, and not only that, but it was wonderful to watch her grow as a person and character, too. 

Becca's Books is awarding The Grand Reopening of Dandelion Cafe with five of my yummy cupcakes! I utterly, utterly loved this book, and as the first book in the Cherry Pie Island series, it's proved a very promising beginning. I am now eagerly awaiting book#2, and quite honestly, it cannot come soon enough! Bravo, Jenny! 

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  5. Anything with chocolate :)

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