Becca's Summer Reads 2015!

Summer is fast approaching, and I cannot wait to sit out in the garden, beneath a *hopefully* sweltering sun, my Kindle loaded with some of the most gorgeous summer stories from some of my favourite authors. I know it isn't *officially* summer just yet, I'm probably getting ahead of myself, but I'm going to share with you the books that are my to-read list this summer! Get your wishlists ready, bookish beauts, you're going to be clicking 'add' repeatedly! ;)

First up on my summer to-read list is the recently announced gorgeous summer title from the wonderful Jenny Hale Summer by the Sea! EVERYTHING about this book just screams SUMMER at you! The cover, the blurb... It just sounds utterly divine, and the perfect book to lose myself in under the sun on a hot day! Also, those words that sit perfectly on the cover, 'There's always one summer than changes you...' send a little shiver up and down my spine. 

Published June 12th 2015 (Bookouture)

Next up on my summer to-read list is Summer at Shell Cottage by the fantastic Lucy Diamond. I actually have a goooorgeous proof copy of this beauty waiting for me on my desk and I am SO EXCITED to get around to it! I absolutely adore Lucy's novels, and Summer at Shell Cottage has all sorts of images popping up in my mind! And really, a shell cottage?! *hurriedly packs suitcase*

Published June 4th 2015 (Pan)

Another title that has caught my eye is this absolutely STUNNING looking The Little Flower Shop by the Sea by Ali McNamara. Seriously, when I look at this cover, I just imagine owning a flower shop beside the sea and my little heart begins to somersault about in my chest. Flowers? Beach? Summer? Sea? Really, what's NOT to love about this novel?! Come to mama!

Published July 30th 2015 (Sphere)

Next up is The Great Village Show by the one and only Alexandra Brown! I first ventured into Tindledale in Alexandra's The Great Christmas Knit Off and I am SO excited to be heading back to catch up and see what's going to happen next! Alexandra creates the most idyllic yet cosily chaotic scenarios that keep me turning the pages. 

Published July 2nd 2015 (Harper)

Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe by Milly Johnson sounds absolutely scrumptious! I love anything to do with friendship and yummy cafes, so this novel is right up my street. And when the cafe is called something as adorable as The Sunflower Cafe? I want to climb inside and spend an afternoon there myself! This will no doubt be a complete gem of a book!

Published June 18th 2015 (Simon & Schuster UK)

Now, I only came across Pippa's Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson as I was flicking through Amazon a couple of days ago. The cover is SO CUTE and after reading the blurb, I knew I wanted to add this one to my list! It sounds GORGEOUS!

Published July 16th 2015 (Harper Impulse)

For my next summer read (and this is one that I've already had the pleasure of reading and adoring), I've chosen Mandy Baggot's Truly, Madly, Greekly. This was one hell of a book that honestly whisked me away to Corfu. Everything about was what I loved to find, and although it's not strictly out in summer, you absolutely MUST add this to your summer reading list! I promise you, you will NOT be disappointed!

Published May 22nd 2015 (Bookouture)

Next up is the first part in Cathy Bramley's beautiful-sounding new series Wickham Hall! Including a gorgeous spring wedding and a stunning manor home, this sounds like the sort of thing I'd be able to enjoy in the summer sun! Also, I just adore Cathy Bramley, so she just HAD to be on this list! 

(Cover yet to be revealed)
Published June 25th 2015 (Transworld)

The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher caught my the second I was invited to join in with Kerry's cover reveal. It's tropical and sun-drenched and just looks like the perfect escape! I'm actually part of the upcoming blog tour for Kerry's The Island Escape and I have a fabulous Q&A to share with you all. Until then, why not add it to your lists? You know you want to!

Published May 21st 2015 (Avon)

Who does summer romance better than Sarah Morgan?! I mean really, she is the QUEEN of delectable, sauciness in the sun! Her second novel her Puffin Island series, Some Kind of Wonderful, SOUNDS SO FREAKING GORGEOUS and is waiting for me on my NetGalley shelf. If you haven't read the first novel in the series First Time in Forever then please do! Ice-creams, romance and puffins! Who could say not to such a lovely combination!

Published July 2nd 2015 (Mills & Boon)

I read the first novella in Cressida McLaughlin's Primrose Terrace series just recently, and absolutely adored it! So adorable, so cosy, and just so inviting! So, I cannot wait to get my little grabby hands on the second novella in the series Sunshine and Spaniels! And please can we get a round of applause for the covers and titles? *explodes from the cuteness*

Published June 18th 2015 (Harper)

Next up is a book that I am very, EVERY excited about! The Cherry Tree Cafe by Heidi Swain calls to me each and every time I look at it. The colours, the blurb, even the lovely author herself, I just LOVE everything about this one! 

Published August 4th 2015 (Simon & Schuster UK)

I've been a firm fan of Rebecca Raisin for absolutely AGES now, and her next book cannot come quick enough! Rebecca's writing never fails to wrap me up and smother me in cosiness! Her next book is called Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm and I cannot wait to dive in and lose myself to the charm of Rebecca's words!

Published July 17th 2015 (Carina)

Despite having already mentioned the wonderful Cathy Bramley, I feel I also need to mention that her Appleby Farm series is released as a full-story paperback this August, so if trying to keep up with a series isn't your thing, then make sure you treat yourself to the complete story once it arrives! And that cover? GAH!

Published August 13th 2015 (Transworld)

I also need to include TWO VERY SPECIAL MENTIONS HERE! Both of which have not yet revealed their covers, but I'm so excited that I need to share them with you, with a cover or not. 

The first is Holly Martin's upcoming summer release that is also still title-less, but hints from the author have been hinting towards a gorgeous, summery romance, and who doesn't love a gorgeous, summery romance?!?!? Come on, Holly, spill the details! WE NEED MORE! I really cannot wait to read another of Holly's books. It feels like way too long since I last devoured one, and I'm going to love nothing more than reading this beneath the sunshine!

Published July 10th 2015 (Bookouture)

The second title-less book that I'm looking forward to is from the FANTASTIC Sue Watson! I just love love love this author, and there is no doubt in my mind that I'm going to love love love whichever book of loveliness that she provides her readers with next! Get a wriggle on, Sue!


  1. Absolutely fantastic list of summery titles. I wasn't aware there was a summery Sue Watson due out, so am definitely looking forward to that.

    You are definitely missing 1 summery release that I am looking forward too (although I understand why you didn't mention it!) and that is Return to Blueberry Hill by Rebecca Pugh. Definitely a release I'm looking forward to!

  2. Awesome list of books for the summer and some beautiful covers :)
    So excited for Lucy Diamond's new offering her books are some of my favourites. Looking forward to your review of that one.

  3. Just what I needed--more books to add to the pile! But seriously, they look and sound wonderful. Thanks!

  4. Such great choices! I've been working on a Summer themed post too and a lot of these are on there - aren't we just spoiled for choice?! You missed one the ones I am most looking forward to though...WHERE'S BLUEBELL HILL?! ;) It's going to be an excellent summer for reading :) xxxxxx

  5. Were your book ? Fab books out for summer