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What in God's name went on here last night?

Title - The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP)
Author - Kate Winter
Publication Date - May 21st 2015
Publisher - Sphere
Format - Paperback
Pages - 304

The blurb

Falling in love is never simple. Especially when you're dead.

When Rosie Potter wakes up one morning with what she assumes is the world's worst hangover, the last thing she expects is to discover that she's actually dead. With a frustrating case of amnesia, suspicious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise, and stuck wearing her ugliest flannel PJs, Rosie must figure out not only what happened last night, but why on earth she's still here.

Slowly the mystery unravels, but there are many other secrets buried in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Aided by the unlikeliest of allies in her investigation, Rosie discovers that life after death isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly when you might just be falling in love...

In this hilarious, life-affirming and romantic journey through Rosie Potter's afterlife, she shares the ghostly tale of how she lived, she died, and she loved (in that order).

Becca's thoughts 

Firstly, I'd like to thank the lovely Clara from Little, Brown UK for getting in touch with me in regards to Kate Winter's blog tour for The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter, and for providing me with my very own proof copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. As soon as I laid eyes on the absolutely goooorgeous cover, I was dying to find out more, and after reading the blurb? Well, how on earth could I resist? It looked and sounded like the sort of novel you just don't say no to, and now that I've finished reading it, I'm immensely happy that I didn't turn this one down. And of course, I can't forget to include the author herself in my thank yous. Kate Winter, this novel absolutely took my breath away, and already, I can't wait to see what you do next! 

Anyway, without further ado, let me tell you why I loved this novel.

In The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter, we're faced with the mystery of Rosie Potter's death immediately. Waking up with what she presumes is a seriously bad hangover, the last thing Rose expects to turn around and see is her lifeless body sprawled out on the bed with a very nasty, very bloody gash to the head. From the beginning, the reader follows Rosie's ghost as she tries to come to terms with her death, and attempts to figure out exactly what happened that night...

GAH! It's not very often that I come across a paranormal chick-lit read, but honest to God, I loved this book immeasurably. From the very first page, I was 100% hooked. Once I became aware of the fact that Rosie was in fact dead, and the narrative which I was reading was from Rosie's ghostly point of view, my mind practically exploded with all of the different directions that Kate could take the story in. Not only that, but this was so new and unusual for me as a reader that I found it incredibly hard to turn away from. It was absolutely riveting. Undeniably captivating, and just like Rosie, I could not wait to discover the truth behind the tragic night when her death took place.

As the plot progressed and Rosie became aware of her circumstances, the novel took a hugely entertaining turn. Just when I thought I had my bearings and had sussed it all out, it turned out that I was completely wrong. Twists and turns had me gripping this book to within an inch of it's life. I was on tenterhooks as I watched Rosie play with her new ghostly powers, listening in on some pretty devastating conversations and watching, horrified, as dark secrets began to reveal themselves. I think I was just as shocked as Rosie when certain revelations surfaced. So shocked in fact that I wanted to reach into the pages and slap a few people silly! With such a fantastic cast of engaging characters, I felt completely involved in the mystery and feared that I wouldn't be able to sleep until the puzzle was solved.

Alongside the entertaining side of this novel, there was a hefty dose of emotion in there too. When Rosie died, she didn't just leave her boyfriend Jack behind, but she left her best-friend Jenny, her family and her old friend Charlie who she'd known since being a little girl. It was heartbreaking to watch Rosie as she saw her parents and brother discussing her death in the family kitchen. I tried, numerous times during my reading of this novel, to imagine myself in Rosie Potter's situation, and each and every time, it made me get a little teary. I mean, can you imagine standing there and watching your family as they grieved for you? It's just unthinkable. Thankfully, even though it was emotional, Kate Winter's wonderful tone and style softened the edges just a little, making even the serious things seem just a little bit jolly. That sounds weird, but if you read this book, then you'll know exactly what I mean. Trust me when I say readers, there is so much more to the characters in The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter than what meets the eye. There are secrets galore in this novel, unexpected truths and heart-stopping moments of realisation. There's gorgeously gripping mystery, a lovable, funny heroine, and, even though it's during the strangest of circumstances, a beautiful romance, too. 

I had a feeling that I was going to love this novel, but I had no idea that I'd love it as much as I did. It was moving, warm, funny and, in it's own unique way, quietly powerful. There was a message hidden behind the authors words and Rosie Potter's story, and that message is a tender reminder that life is far too short to not grasp what you want with both hands as soon as you can. After all, what's the point in hanging around when you really don't know what's around the corner?

Becca's Books is awarding The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter by Kate Winter with FIVE OF MY SCRUMMY CUPCAKE! If you're looking for a little something different, then I definitely recommend this novel. Chick-lit mingling with paranormal? I really cannot believe how much I adored it, and I'm already excited for whatever Kate Winter decides to gift her readers with next.

~ Author Bio ~

Kate Winter is a journalist, novelist and storyteller from the North West of Ireland who was lucky enough to grow up with no TV (although she didn't consider it a lucky break at the time) and lots of books. After graduating from University of Ulster with first class honours and the Ulster Television Award for her BA in Media Studies, Kate promptly forged a glittering career for herself in waitressing. Then one day, beside a swimming pool in Australia, Kate decided it was time to write a book. The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP) is Kate's debut novel.

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