Digital VS. Traditional

'Readers are divided into two groups - digital readers, and physical readers.'

Do you agree?

In my opinion, I don't think that readers are divided at all. Sure, they're using different platforms to read on, but they're still reading, aren't they? I've always felt this way because I'm just grateful that people read at all. Whether via a Kindle or a traditional paperback, the story is still being told, the author is still sharing their voice, and does it really matter whether that's achieved digitally or physically? I, personally, think not, but I know that there are many different opinions and views on this matter, all of which I completely respect, so I'd love for you to share yours with me while I share mine.

I think both my Kindle and paperback provide me with very different things. Firstly, my use of NetGalley only allows me to request books in digital format rather than physical copies. I suppose, in a way, I'm chuffed with this because as of right now, I really don't think that I'd be able to fit another mountain of books into my room. At the moment, my desk is drowning in them, there's a cabinet in the spare room full to the brim with almost fifty Mills and Boon books, back at Mum's there's my Grandad's cabinet which houses books from my younger years and quite simply, they are everywhere (not that I'm complaining, of course!). Taking into consideration that I'm a book blogger/reviewer, it's definitely better for me that all of my books-to-review are stored on my Kindle rather than actually physically in my room. I mean I'd love that, but at the moment, it would be pretty difficult. Another BONUS for me in regards to using my Kindle is that I'm able to read through the night, when all of the lights are off and my partner is fast asleep. He wouldn't be able to sleep with the ceiling light turned on for my reading benefit and, to be fair, I don't think I'd be able to either. Unfortunately, we don't own any sort of bedside lamp, so that's out of the question, too. There was a time, back when I'd just begun reviewing, when I'd buy these little clip-on book lights by the plenty! They were only small plastic things, and nine times out of ten, I'd either break one by accident, the batteries would run out, or I'd lose them. I must have gone through hundreds of the things, all different colours, too! But in the end, I gave up on them. So, when my lovely other-half presented me with my Kindle Paperwhite a couple of Christmases ago, I was absolutely delighted because the build-in light would allow me to read through the night for as long as I chose, and with the added bonus of not disturbing anyone else. It was perfect! I feel for reviewing books, my Kindle definitely is the best option. Reading through the night allows me to progress further into them rather than having to put them down once I crawl into bed. 

When it comes to physical copies, I really don't feel like there's anything that beats the feel of a brand-new, silky smooth front cover of a paperback. I'm a cover-stroker meaning I love to stroke the covers of books. Weird, I know, but I know plenty others who are guilty of this, too! ;) I believe heading into a bookshop and browsing the shelves holds more of a magical quality to it than one-clicking on Amazon, although I won't lie and say that I don't shop for eBooks on there, because I definitely do! What I mean is, the simple act of physically shopping for books in a bookshop is altogether more exciting. Picking them up, perhaps reading the blurb or flicking through a few pages is so much fun, and I've spent many an afternoon in this way. When I shop on Amazon, one-click and it's on my Kindle. I don't even need to leave the house or speak to anyone. It's done in a matter of seconds, and after, I have a brand new book to read. Paperbacks, to me, are what I like to treat myself to. I've heard plenty of people say that physical books will one day be extinct, that the digital age will take over and that paperbacks will be a thing of the past. I don't believe this for a second because if the book bloggers that I know and chat to are any sort of evidence, then paperbacks are still very much in style. I tend to keep my reading of physical books to the daytime, due to the whole 'light' situation. Added to this, there really are a whole HEAP of books that have only been published in digital addition that I would truly adore to have sitting on my shelves. 

I don't think I'd be able to choose between the two, because I love both digital and physical copies equally, but what about you? What do you think? Are you fond of one more than other? What do you think in regards to the future of physical copies? 

I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matter!


  1. I love the benefits of digital books as its instant gratification we see it we click buy now and hey presto it's there within minutes on our reading device. I also love that you can hold hundreds if not thousands of books on one device, you could literally load up your device and go away for a year and be happy with this little grey rectangular object holding all sorts of adventures and romances. Although if I've really fallen in love with a book I try and buy a paperback copy and uf I'm lucky I try and get it signed by the author. I also think if a book has a particularly beautiful cover and it grabs your attention on the shelf that's good marketing power. It's lovely to sit and stare at this gorgeous book on your shelf and when you read it your careful to keep it looking pretty. Another good thing with digital devices is you can have personal documents stored on them so your digital reader could be useful for business as well as enjoyment.

    To be honest I think there is a place for digital books and paperbacks. I love how reading is becoming cool again.


  2. Im with you i love my kindle i just read alot quicker on there and i love being able to read with it in bed but i do love books nothing compares to go into waterstones or anywhere that sells books and seeing the eye-catching covers.

  3. E-reader all the way. Unless it's a how to book.. like how to paint, how to cook...but novels, e-reader all day long.

  4. E-readers are such a great invention. I read most my books off my iPhone. If I read a paper book I like to bend the spine and fold the pages, so most of my frinds will not lend me their paper books or borrow mind.... eBooks all day long for me x

  5. E-readers are such a great invention. I read most my books off my iPhone. If I read a paper book I like to bend the spine and fold the pages, so most of my frinds will not lend me their paper books or borrow mind.... eBooks all day long for me x

  6. I honestly knew that I'd never get on with a kindle..... until I bought one. I love having ALL my books with me. I loved finding NetGalley aswell- like being let loose in a sweet shop for book lovers.

    But I still get drawn to the real books in shops, charity shops and supermarkets and a pretty cover always draws me. I literally ran out of space for all my books- so the vast majority now go straight to kindle. But that pretty cover or favourite author will join my 'favourites' shelf. There is nothing like the smell of a new book

  7. Very good post Becca. When I first got my kindle, I think I didn't read a paperback in months. It was so easy to just one-click all the books in the world and take them all with me! Now I enjoy reading both. I think I read more or less the same ebooks as paperbacks and some hardbacks once in a while. And I love both formats. I just LOVE books! :) xx

  8. Great post lovely!
    I love my kindle app in my iPad and I download so many books, and then there is NetGalley. It's so easy also when you go away, because you have so many books at once. I love my paperbacks though. They are pretty and I just love holding an actual book in my hands. I try to mix it up when reading and it's working really well. And whenever I love an ebook, i buy the paperback as well. xxx

  9. I still read both but more on my kindle these days. It's just so much more portable and great for reading in bed on dark mornings. I also read more quickly on my KIndle but no idea why that should be.