Does fictional romance give us unreal expectations in real life relationships?

Happy Friday, you gorgeous lot!

Today on Becca's Books, I'm thrilled to be bringing you a discussion topic, as well as opinions from authors and bloggers. My question today is this ~ Does fictional romance give us unreal expectations in real life relationships? 

What do you think? I've always been a little bit envious of those intense looks that characters within books hold between each other, or the grand gestures where the heroine is flown off to Paris or New York for a sexy little weekend away! But, in real life, not many of us can actually afford to fly off when the moment takes us, can we? And is it really possible to share an intense look over a chinese takeaway on a Friday night? Hmm, who knows? 

So, I've taken my question to the bloggers and authors!
Take a look at what they thought...

So, what do you think? Do you agree/disagree? Just how much of an impact does losing ourselves to fictional characters' romances have on us? Does it leave you feeling lacking in your own relationship? Or, like some of the above, do you know where the line is between fiction and reality?

I'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of the fantastic bloggers and authors who took part in this discussion! It's provided me with a ton of food for thought! Do feel free to share your own opinions, I'd LOVE to see what you think, too!


  1. Quite mixed views! Great post, Becca! xx

  2. I think the answer is.... marry a Latin American! Only joking. Half joking. I think I'm very lucky to go out with such a romantic. My husband (then boyfriend) did whisk me off to Paris, and didn't tell me what we were doing until we got to Kings' Cross St Pancras. He'd even packed my bags! But obviously that's a big gesture and it can be expensive. But what I love is the mini gestures too... he'll randomly give me nail polish or chocolate or flowers. I'm the one who needs to work on being a bit more romantic!

    I don't think reading romantic fiction gives me unreal expectations. I know that it's fiction and as many people have said, it's the escapism I love. Great post!

  3. So i'll try not to ramble this time incase it gets deleted! :p
    I love reading romance & definitely found myself comparing the hero's in the stories I read to my husband but recently I decided to stop because everything always seems a lot more exciting when it's new and a little mysterious, while we get to know the hero's in our book, we are conjuring the perfect descriptions and the perfect images, it's fun but we don't know their other sides! Recently I stopped to think about all the qualities my husband has and imagined someone writing a book based on him without telling me, I would probably fall in love, swoon, etc because it's being told to me by someone else! It's the things that over 6 years you get used to and don't think about as much because you have your day to day life and know way more about each other! It's like movie heartthrob's, we don't know them so we sit and swoon about their gorgeous bodies and hilarious or romantic lines, it's just in our nature but I laugh imagining my husband being whisked away and appearing in a Hollywood movie, again I would be grinning and staking claim! Sometimes we want what we can't have but you have to pause and look at what you do have! :) hope that makes sense! Xx

  4. Fab post, Becca. It's so interesting to read everyone's different views! Thanks for asking me to be a part of it :) xx

  5. This is a really interesting post! I know I read romantic novels for the escapism and because it's a bit of fun. To be honest I can't read straight up romance books as they are too unrealistic for my liking they either have to be funny chick-lit type romances or historical romances, where there is a lot of extra interesting plot lines going on. I really enjoyed Rainbow Rowell's book Landline for a realistic and entertaining portrayal of love between a long married couple!

  6. Fantastic article Becca well done. It was great to read everyone's thoughts and I laughed out loud at Jill Mansell and Samantha Tonge's comments. x x

  7. Great post and so many lovely quotes! I really enjoyed reading them.