Today on Becca's Books, it's very exciting because today sees the publication of the fabulous Erin Lawless's second novel, Somewhere Only We Know! Before I go any further, I really just want to say HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY, ERIN!!! I hope you have a blast and a ball and enjoy your incredibly special day!

You're in for a treat today, readers, because here on Becca's Books, Erin has kindly offered to tell us all about how her second novel came about, and where she found her inspiration. Grab yourself a coffee, kick back and relax.

Erin Lawless ~ The making of my second novel ~

I remember exactly when the rumblings of my second novel moved into sharp focus. I was in a bar in Clapham Common with one of my best friends. The bartender brought us over two sweating mojitos. We looked at one another, confused as to who had bought another round when the other wasn't looking, then at the girl from the bar. She smirked, nodding over at two preppy guys sat on a high table across the room. Sounds like a film - but it was pretty usual when I was out with her. She took the drink casually, nodding her thanks over at the guys, and turned back to our conversation. I needled her to go over and talk to them - she'd been single for a while, could have used the fun of it. She shrugged, sipping the mojito. There's not much point in anything serious, is there? she pointed out, matter-of-fact. Not when I could be gone soon.

It hit me like a truck. It was the first time she'd ever given a voice to the elephant in the room. Because my best friend was a Russian national and was currently embroiled in a legal battle for her right to remain in the UK. We'd all spent the last six months studiously avoiding the topic, like if we ignored it, it would go away. But now it was out of its box.
And I knew then that I wanted to write it. I wanted to write a very modern, very London, and very honest starcrossed romance which would star a fierce and loveable Russian: the sort of girl that guys send drinks to but other girls never hold it against her; the sort of girl who can remain stoic in the face of her entire life being ripped away from her; the sort of girl who knows that it's absolutely, positively, and completely the wrong time for her to fall in love with anyone...

The hardest part of writing Somewhere Only We Know was knowing what Nadia's ending would be, whilst waiting to hear the judgement on my best friend. Would she be here for the book launch of the story she'd inspired, the story that was dedicated to her? My friend wanted us all to stay positive - and absolutely hated discussing the situation ad nauseum - so I poured all of my stress and fear at the thought of losing my best friend into my writing. I finished drafting the book the same month she was eventually deported. 

The birthing of Somewhere Only We Know was definitely a roller-coaster of highs and lows - to write, and to read back afterwards - but I'm incredibly proud of it. I think those two girls sitting there drinking free mojitios all those years ago would be too. 

Somewhere Only We Know sounds absolutely gorgeous, doesn't it? If Erin's second novel tickles your bookish fancy, then check out the links below! 
Erin, I can't thank you enough for popping by Becca's Books today, it has been wonderful having you here, and I wish you a TON of success with your second novel, as well as a smashing publication day, you deserve it, girl! 

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  1. Great post, I love Erin Lawless but was unsure about this novel. This has really made me want to ready it :)