Interview with Kim Nash, Bookouture Publicity Manager

Today on Becca's Books, I have a fabulous Friday treat for you all! It's an interview not with an author, but with one fantastic woman, Kim Nash, who works with a number of different authors herself. Bookouture's publicity manager, Kim, is here today chatting with me, and I'm absolutely delighted to be welcome this lady onto Becca's Books! She'll be giving us a little insight into her line of work (with books, of course!) and having a general chit-chat on the blog. 

Kim, welcome to Becca's Books!

Kim, for those who aren't aware of your position within the fabulous Bookouture group, could you please tell us what it is that you do?
Hi Becca, Thanks so much for inviting me. It's very exciting to be here! My job is to tell the world about the fabulous books that Bookouture publish through traditional media like newspapers and magazines, social media, word of mouth etc. I update the Bookouture website and am in charge of looking after NetGalley. I help our authors in any way that I can to establish and maintain a presence and promote their work. I've also been known to grab people in the book department at my local Tesco and say "oooh if you like that, you'll love..." 

How would you describe the relationship between Bookouture and readers?
I think we have an amazing relationship with readers. Most of our authors use social media and this is a great way for them to interact and connect with their readers. We get a fantastic response to our cover reveals and announcements which is just awesome as it's really important that we're giving the readers what they want and often get messages from our audience asking when their favourite author's next book is coming out.

Do you think it's important for any publishing company to build a connection with their readers? If so, why?
I do, as a blogger and avid reader myself, there's nothing better than reading an amazing book and being able to tell that author just how much you've enjoyed it. So much hard work goes into a book, from the writing, to the editing, to the marketing and people sometimes forget that even though it can take a few hours to read a book, the hard work behind the scenes often gets forgotten. It's great that our readers feel that they can talk to us about the characters, the plots and it all helps the authors and publisher to deliver the books that the readers want to read.

In regards to the superb books that Bookouture publish, how does it feel to work alongside the authors and get those books noticed?
I'm hugely privileged to work alongside such an amazing group of authors. Each of them within their own genres are incredible and they are authors and books that I would read and love anyway. Added to that, they are a sensational bunch of people, we don't call it a team, we call it a family and that's exactly how it is. One big happy family!

Are there any titles which you're particularly fond of at the moment?
Ah! This is a very difficult question for me to answer and I could spend ages talking about how special and every one of our books are!

Recipes for Melissa by Teresa Driscoll is particularly special to me as I lost my mom 8 years ago so this really resonated with me. I read Fairytale Beginnings by Holly Martin recently and it has fallen into the category of one of my most favourite books EVER. I LOVE Sue Watson and her writing as there's always lots of laughs and an inspirational message in her books and I can't wait to share Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams with the world. And we have some really strong women's fiction writers such as Renita D'Silva and Kelly Rimmer, Sharon Maas, Laura Elliot who are telling some amazing stories.

But I can honestly say that I love all our books as we have some incredibly talented writers on our team and are introducing crime and psychological thrillers into our offering too, another area which I love. Great to be launching authors like Angela Marsons and Caroline Mitchell out into the world. I'd like to name them all but this would be a very long answer.

How long have you been with Bookouture for? What made you want to become a part of the wonderful team?
I started working with Bookouture last April on a couple of small projects. As our team of authors has grown so has the amount of work I am doing for them. I've tried to make myself indispensable so they couldn't possibly be without me! I've worked in marketing and PR for a number of years and have always loved books so when the opportunity arose to do those these two things together, I leapt at it.

Olly Rhodes has a wealth of knowledge gained in the publishing industry and I'm incredibly lucky to be working alongside him and I learn from him ALL the time. He is extremely patient with me too when I ask him stupid questions time and time again! And his technical skills are awesome!

Claire Bord and Keshini Naidoo, are two incredibly talented ladies that I am delighted to be working with. They recognise sensational writing talent and work on polishing manuscripts to be the best they can possibly be and they are both completely brilliant at what they do. I am truly blessed to be working with these three super people and thank my lucky stars on a daily basis.

How much work goes on behind closed doors?
Tons! It's not unusual to be having very early morning or very late night conversations and we all work as and when we're needed to. There's more to bringing out a book that I ever thought there was! There's work with Amazon that goes on, there's work on our website and NetGalley and making connections with other authors and industry professionals as well as keeping up to date with what other people are doing too. And there's still loads that Ollie, Claire and Keshini do that I don't get involved in.

Do you think bloggers play a crucial part in a book's success?
Definitely! As a blogger myself, I never realised just how much of a part they do play. There are a lot of influential bloggers out there and people trust their opinion. They are massively important in the publishing world.

Have you met many of Bookouture's authors in person? If so, who?
Sue Watson, Angela Marsons & Christie Barlow don't live too far from me and I regularly meet them when we can find an excuse. I met Nigel May last year at an event I went to and was delighted when we were able to bring him into the team and it gave us an opportunity to meet up again. I could talk to Nigel all day! And I met Holly at the same event last year so again, wonderful to see her join our team. We're planning a big get together though when we get chance because we all want to meet each other. I think we'll just spend the whole day being over excited to finally meet up. We just need to try to draft in all the international authors or have a big screen set up so we can Skype them!

Do you have any particular views on the whole digital/physical argument? Do you think the digital trend is overtaking physical copies?
An interesting question and one that will be debated for a while by the industry and one that only time will tell. For me, it's all about the story. To be honest if I read a really strong story, I don't even remember whether I've read it digitally or in book format. In this digital era, there are so many more opportunities now for talented writers to get 'in front' of publishers - particularly digital publishers who can be nimble in terms of not only publishing terrific books but nurturing raw talent and building author profiles.

It's certainly far easier to go on holiday these days without having to lug 10 books with you so for convenience, my iPad is my best friend. But there's still something about holding a book and having that book on your bedside table and seeing a gorgeous cover enticing you to read it every time you walk into the room!

For anyone who would perhaps submit their writing to Bookouture in the future, are you able to tell us what it is that they look for?
We're looking for great writing. We're looking for a story that completely hooks you in with characters you can connect with and don't want to say goodbye to. Once those boxes are ticked it doesn't matter whether it's chick lit, historical, saga, commercial crime and thriller, from conspiracy/blockbuster fiction to police procedurals and psychological chillers etc... We're essentially open to all genres through books with a great story to tell, and an interesting, original voice.

In terms of books covers, who is behind the beauties that Bookouture create? I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Bookouture's covers are gorgeous and always eye-catching!
Oliver, Claire and Keshini put a brief out to the various designers that we work with and then we all take a look and say what we like or dislike about them. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't. I normally say it needs more sparkle! I get very excited when I get asked my opinion. I feel extremely privileged to be in this position to have a say in what the book will look like! Then I just have to keep quiet about it until the author sees it! I find that quite hard!

What would you say your favourite part of being a publicity manager?
Definitely the fact that I get to read incredible books, get to tell people about them and share them with other people that I know will love them as much as I do.

Does your position with Bookouture take up a lot of time?
Yep! It sure does! Especially as I work on the social media side of things for Bookouture. And I absolutely love every minute. People often say to me, "how do you have time to do that?" but it's all about priorities for me. You can find time to do the things you want to do. Some people choose to watch the soaps on TV in the evenings. I can't do that as I have too many other things to do. I'm not very good at sitting still so I like to be busy!

Are you planning on staying with Bookouture for the foreseeable future? Can you imagine yourself working anywhere else?
I have never been happier in my work! Sorry to sound smug, but if I could picture my dream job, this would be it! One day I think I might wake up from this incredible dream but I really hope not!

We know that you're a complete lover of books, Kim, but when not reading (or working), where else would we find you? Any other hobbies that you're passionate about?
I have a seven and a half year old son Ollie who is my best friend and I LOVE being his mom and we're always off to different places and enjoying life.

You know I love reading already, but not just novels. I love self-help, self-development books and spiritual books. I work privately with a mind, body, spirit author called Theresa Cheung and I love reading that genre of book too.

I don't watch much TV but when I do it's normally stuff I can record and binge watch like Hawaii 50, Devious Maids, Cougar Town and Greys Anatomy. I love things that make me laugh and are quite light-hearted!

I have an amazing network of friends and I love catching up with them. I like to go out for nice meals and I like cooking. I don't have a particularly exciting life I'm afraid. I also have a Swiss skincare, health and well-being business so I'm often out doing workshops and showing people how amazing our products are. I'm a home bird really though and I love being a mom so am happy as long as I'm doing stuff with my boy!

Kim, have you ever thought about writing yourself? What genre do you think you'd enjoy most?
I'd love to write a book one day and I know everyone says I should just get on with it but there is so much to keep me busy right now, I don't feel like I have enough room in my head to even think about a plot. I have written a short story and I started writing a novel at Christmas but I'm just not sure where it's going. Maybe one day when I feel inspired, I'll pick it up and write again. I think I'd like to write humorous, women's fiction with a message. In fact, if I could be the type of writer that Sue Watson is, I'd be delighted.

Are there any cons to your job, Kim? (I'm sure there aren't but I have to ask!) 
Absolutely none whatsoever! Sorry! That's why I'm so smug and happy all the time!

Which books will you be reading this summer?
I did a little happy dance last week when Milly Johnson's latest book landed on my doormat! I love her. There are still so many books that I'm ploughing my way through and of course, Bookouture have an amazing selection of summer books out this year. And of course, I'm looking forward to reading Return to Bluebell Hill by Rebecca Pugh! I've heard it's going to be a cracker!

Any parting comments, lovely Kim?
Just delighted to be taking part in an interview with the famous Becca from Becca's Books who will very soon be a published author herself! Good luck with that, Becca, I know it's a dream come true for you. And just thanks for all the support that I get personally from my author and bloggers friends and contacts. I couldn't do it without you and I absolutely thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kim, thank you so much for joining me on Becca's Books! You're absolutely wonderful and I'm so excited for everything that's to come from Bookouture in the future!

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