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Today on Becca's Books, I'm super excited to be welcoming the fabulous Kierney Scott to the blog for my stop of her blog tour! Kierney is going to be sharing a post about why she finds it so damn difficult to choose and stick with a name when it comes to her delectable heroes!

Take it away, Kierney!

The Birth of Torres

I am going to let you in on a secret: I find it ridiculously hard to name heroes, so much so that I have changed the name of the hero in my WIP eight times. I am not exaggerating. He has been Alex, Andrew, William, Patrick, Dominic, Nic, Mathew and then finally back to Alex. When the book is finally released, he will probably have a different name. I hope not but I am being realistic, I have met myself. 

 So why is it so hard to name a hero? The answer is because I have a long list of criteria a name needs to meet.  Firstly I need to feel a hero's name, really fall in love with it. I want it to sound Alpha. Bad Boys need Bad Boy names.  The name should be culturally appropriate, if I am writing a Scottish character, he needs a Scottish name. Also I need a name with no negative connotations for me or the reader. Good luck getting a reader to fall in love with an Osama or a Saddam. The list of criteria goes on but I fear I will show my neurosis if I go any further, but suffice it to say: hero naming is complicated. 

So when it came to naming the hero of the Firing Line Series, I faced my usual uphill battle. I consulted my brilliant friends on Facebook. I always turn to them in times of need. They have named many a character for me. 

My friends knew I had decided to write a Latino hero because I had spent months listening to Pitbull while I wrote Dirty Little Secrets. I listened to his songs on repeat while writing the sex scenes. There was a consensus among my friends that I should name him  Armando Perez, Pitbull's real name,  because he was the inspiration. I agreed to name him Armando. Problem solved. But... I don't love the name Armando. Nothing against the name, it is a lovely name, but it does not meet my aforementioned criteria. I decided to give him a nickname. So I asked my best friend who is Guatemalan and a native Spanish speaker, what the nickname for Armando would be. She could not think of one. We called her mum. She could not think of one. So my hero had to be just Armando, and I knew he wasn't an Armando. He just isn't.

Defeated, I chose to focus on his last name. It was Torres. It was always going to be Torres, like the footballer. Fernando Torres. I love the name Torres. It reminds me of el toro, which is Spanish for bull. And you can't get anymore Alpha than a bull, am I right? Then I had an Aha moment, I would call my hero Torres. Sure I would given him a first name; Armando, but i would never use it. He would always be just Torres. 

And that my friends is how Torres was born. 
Undoubtedly I will struggle to name my next hero so I would love to hear your suggestions. What do you think I should name my next hero? What name screams Alpha to you? 

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