Au Revoir until September!

Hello, beautiful bookish beauts!
Sadly, Becca's Books (basically me, but in third person) will be disappearing for a little while. There are a few things that I need to deal with at the moment, and I feel that taking a small break from book-blogging will see me right, and hopefully I'll be back in September feeling better than ever!

While I'm away, any agreed reviews for blog tour stops/cover reveals etc. will still be posted, so the blog will be working independently for a little while. Any other reviews that I write will be scheduled for my return in September so that hopefully while I'm away I can also deal with the back-log of books that are patiently waiting for me. There'll also be scheduled tweets for Return to Bluebell Hill popping up occasionally too, just so you're aware!

I cannot thank you all enough for your support for both Becca's Books and my debut novel Return to Bluebell Hill which you've all been tremendously supportive about. I'll also be using the time away to work on #secrettitle2 as well, which I'm very much looking forward to. Is it ridiculous that I feel a little teary as I write this? *flaps eyes* Oh, I know, I'm such a big baby, I just adore you lot, and all of the wonderful books that we get to read, and how lovely you are, so of course I'm going to be emotional about it, right? But this isn't goodbye forever, just for a little less than two months, and then I'll be back, I promise!

If any of you need to desperately get in touch with me, then feel free to email me at 

If not then, HAPPY READING & Au Revoir until September! xxx


  1. Oh Petal, I hope you manage to sort out whatever it is that's troubling you right now. I shall miss your sunny presence on my timeline but I support your decision entirely!
    Know you have all our love and we are there for you every step on the way xx

  2. Enjoy your break and we will see you in September!