BLOG TOUR ~ Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca Raisin

Me leaving for a year? There were about a thousand reasons why it just couldn't happen.

Title - Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm
Author - Rebecca Raisin
Publication Date - July 17th 2015
Publisher - Carina
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via tour host)
Pages - 384

The blurb

Maple sugar kisses...

Lucy would do anything for her mom... but she never expected to end up promising to leave her. After her mom got sick, Lucy dropped everything to take care of her, working all hours in a greasy diner just to make ends meet and spending every spare moments she had by her mom's hospital bedside.

Now, Lucy is faced with a whole year of living by her own rules, starting by taking the first bus out of town to anywhere...

Except she didn't expect to find her next big adventure just around the corner! Especially when on her first day in town she bumps into grumpy, but oh-so-delicious Clay amidst the maple trees. Surrounded by the magic of Ashford, Lucy has the chance to change her life forever and finally discover a life she wants to live!

Fall in love with Ashford, Connecticut in this dazzling and beautiful romance from bestselling author Rebecca Raisin.

Becca's thoughts

First of all, massive thanks to the author Rebecca Raisin, the tour host Tay from Chicks That Read and the fabulous publishers Carina. I'm absolutely thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for the latest book from Rebecca Raisin, especially since it feels like it's been way too long since I last strolled through Ashford with Rebecca as my guide. I couldn't wait to see what Rebecca had in store me, and the rest of her readers next.

I cannot put into words how utterly gorgeous it felt to be back in Ashford, a place that I have come to know and love as if it were my own home. Everything about Ashford appeals to me and has done since the very first time I was introduced to it, from The Gingerbread Cafe to the salon and bookshop, it has everything a girl could ever want and need, but for Lucy, Rebecca's fabulous new heroine, it may have all of that, but it doesn't have the one thing that she wants beside her. Her dear mother.

One of the things I've loved about Rebecca's writing, right from the beginning, are her beautiful relationships between her characters. In Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm, when Lucy arrives in Ashford, Rebecca begins to bring in the characters from her past stories. We get to catch up with Lil and CeeCee from the gingerbread cafe, Sarah from the bookshop, and we're also introduced to the incredibly dishy Clay too, who I took a particular liking to. I felt so comfortable and at home while reading this book, and bringing the old characters in only intensified that feeling. It was so cosy, gorgeously seductive and all in all, I felt like I was returning home to Ashford after being away for a while. It was fantastic.

Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm is really all about Lucy's story, one that I swiftly fell head over heels in love with. With her sick mum, the last thing Lucy wants is to head off to start her own adventure, but after much persuasion, she realises that she has no choice, and she probably wouldn't hear the last of it either. Before Lucy's Mum had fallen sick, that's what they'd done together. Travelled, never staying in one place for too long, but now, it's Lucy's turn to go it alone. Despite the constant tug and urge of home, Lucy takes the first bus that comes and ends up in Ashford, and hopefully landing herself a job in the process, at the run-down Maple Syrup Farm. It's a beautiful story of setting out on your own, and allowing fate to play its hand, which is exactly what it does. 

There was so much emotion and love within this story, much like Rebecca's previous books, and it's something that I'll always relate to this author and her writing. Rebecca has the ability to completely wrap you up in her world, alongside her engaging, lovable characters and their lives. Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm was everything that I'd been waiting for and more. Complete and utter perfection from a fantastic author who I just know will be filling up my Kindle for years to come.

Becca's Books is awarding Secrets at Maple Syrup Farm with FIVE GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! Rebecca's writing is at a faultless level within this story, with not a single that I could negatively comment on. From her beautifully crafted characters to the utterly charming town of Ashford, this truly is a place that I'd willingly lose myself within again and again and again.

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