COVER REVEAL! ~ Michelle Scott's Straight by the Rules

Today on Becca's Books, I'm thrilled to be helping in the cover reveal of Michelle Scott's upcoming release with Carina Straight by the Rules. I absolutely love this cover. It's playful and cheeky, and the blurb sounds fantastic!

Revealing the cover of Michelle Scott's Straight by the Rules...

Straight by the Rules
Michelle Scott
Publication date ~ October 13th 2015
Published by Carina

I'm Lilith Straight, the Devil's servant. You'd think that it would be straightforward, wouldn't you? Carry out Devil's work, that's all: wreak havoc and cause carnage on earth...

The problem is, I still have a conscience. Which makes life just a little bit tricky in Hell, as you might imagine. And when your sister actually belongs in heaven, the hot man in your life has his own devilish agenda and the rest of your family won't stop meddling in your unfinished business... well, let's just say it's complicated!

No one ever plays by the rules in Hell, so maybe it's time to make up my own!

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