High Tide by Veronica Henry

Title - High Tide
Author - Veronica Henry
Publication Date - September 24th 2015
Publisher - Orion
Format - Paperback (Provided via publisher)
Pages - 328

Pennfleet might be a small town, but there's never a dull moment in its narrow winding streets... 

Kate has only planned a flying visit to clear out the family home after the death of her mother. When she finds an anonymous letter, she is drawn back into her own past.

Single dad Sam is juggling his deli and two lively teenagers, so romance is the last thing on his mind. The Cupid fires an unexpected arrow - but what will his children think? 

Nathan Fisher is happy with his lot, running picnic cruises up and down the river, but kissing the widow of the richest man in Pennfleet is has disastrous consequences.

Vanessa knows what she has done is unseemly for a widow, but it's the most fun she's had for years. Must she always be on her best behaviour?

As autumn draws in and the nights grow longer, there are sure to be fireworks in this gloriously engaging novel from Veronica Henry, author of A Night on the Orient Express.

This is the first novel which I've had the pleasure of reading by Veronica Henry and oh, what a novel to begin with! High Tide was everything that the gorgeous cover would suggest; an agreeable number of engaging characters whose lives begin to intermingle within the charming setting of Pennfleet, which was brought to life beautifully for me.

The first thing that became apparent to me when I began reading High Tide was the author's style. There's something comforting about it, which draws you in and allows you to settle down and feel right at home. Despite having never met Veronica's characters in High Tide previously, it didn't take long for me to become familiar with them. Veronica's cosy descriptions and winning way with words, as well as her neat rounding up of her characters' lives and personalities, meant I didn't once find myself struggling to pin-point who was who, which has happened to me many times before now when reading a multi-narrative novel. 

With each chapter change, I was moved on to a new character and the excitement of doing so didn't lessen throughout the entirety of this novel. I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to Kate, Sam, Nathan, Vanessa and Mary, as well as Sam's children! Each character brought their own unique sense of warmth and colour to the plot, bringing this novel completely to life before my very eyes. The separate stories for each character held me captive, especially Vanessa's which I couldn't wait to see the consequences of. Each time the author whisked me away to a new character, it was incredibly easy to pick up from where I'd left them last, making my reading of High Tide all the more enjoyable.

What also appealed to me was the setting of Pennfleet. If, like me, you adore seaside towns which are positively bursting at the seams with charm and character then you, too, will love Pennfleet. Veronica's imagery and skill at teasing my senses brought the setting beautifully to life for me. I felt as if I was skipping down those streets myself, breathing in the salty sea air and gazing lovingly at my surroundings. It truly was the perfect place for a story like High Tide to be set. A novel full of heart and feeling, chance and new beginnings, and not forgetting friendship. I loved watching the separate lives unfold within this book, even more so when they began to leak into each other like run-away ink. It was exciting, to see how the characters would affect each other when they finally crossed paths and I found myself hurrying through to see where they eventually ended up, and with who.

Overall, High Tide by Veronica Henry was a gorgeously addictive read, set in Pennfleet which I fell in love with completely. The characters were wonderful, their paths even more so, and I wouldn't mind in the slightest if I were to return to Pennfleet in the future to catch up with these characters again. In just a small amount of time, the author manages to include every aspect of these characters' most life-changing moments and it was beautiful. Becca's Books is awarding High Tide by Veronica Henry with FOUR GORGEOUS CUPAKES! Warm, captivating, and oozing with coastal charm.

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