It's Now or Never by Jill Steeples

Title - It's Now or Never
Author - Jill Steeples
Publication Date - 29th June 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 288

'For Jen Faraday - Not to be opened, in any circumstances, until April 2016'

When smooth-talking Alex Fellows tells Jen Faraday he can predict her future - and leaves a note with the bartender for her to collect in one year's time - she thinks it's just a line. After all, how can a man she'd known for only one night see what her future holds? Or maybe it's not too hard. Recently her life has been a series of things she hasn't done. She didn't go to college - family trouble. She didn't get married - dumped. And she hasn't yet handed in her notice at work - too scared! If she had to predict her own future, would it be 'More of the same'?

Or maybe not. After all, she's just had a passionate one-night stand with a man who is rich and ridiculously good looking and totally not her type. That was unexpected. And she is going to resign from her job... Things are already changing. Whatever that prediction says - and how Jen wishes she knew - perhaps this year is the year she takes control of her destiny!

 It feels as if it has been forever since I was last able to get my hands on a novel by Jill Steeples, but I'm well aware of how much work goes on behind scenes for an author, so I was more than happy to wait for It's Now Or Never, Jill's latest release. Before now, I've had the pleasure of reading Hopelessly Devoted to You and Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, both of which I read last year and both of which I thoroughly enjoyed! Therefore, I was very excited when I heard about Jill's newest novel and even more so when I clapped eyes on that gorgeous cover! It screamed out new beginnings and perhaps even an adventure! What also seriously piqued my interest was that deliciously tantalising opening to the blurb of It's Now or Never...

'For Jen Faraday - Not to be opened, in any circumstances, until April 2016'

What became clear to me pretty much from the get-go was that Jen Faraday felt she hadn't done all that much with her life, despite having had plans as an eighteen-year-old make herself some memories. There'd been no adventure or risk-taking, wild holidays with the girls or drunken nights on yachts in the middle of a glittering sea. What adds to the rocking of Jen Faraday's lifeboat is the announcement of her best friend Angie's wedding, and this is when she realises that she truly is falling behind. And then, in her grandpa's house, Jen stumbles upon the letter that her mother had written for her years before, in which Jen is given that much-needed motherly boost which encourages her to take control of her destiny and for the first time ever, take a chance on life! I adored the element of the letter from Jen's mother and I won't deny that it moved me to tears. It added such a warm, bright tone to what had previously been quite miserable as Jen assessed her life so far. It spoke of determination, courage and taking a leap of faith, and it truly was a brilliant way to kick-start Jen's story. Alongside this, Jen stumbles across rich and handsome Alex at Angie's wedding who charms her completely, but who apparently knows exactly how her life is going to pan out for the next year. Adding to that, he not only makes this wild and, quite frankly, ridiculous prediction, but he also goes as far as writing this prediction down onto a slip of paper, folding it up, and then passes it to the bartender at the pub which they escape to once the wedding is over. I'm telling you now, I don't think I've ever been so twitchy about wanting to know what was written on that piece of paper, but it certainly taunted me throughout my reading of the book. I wanted to know so desperately what Alex had predicted almost as much as I wanted to know whether he'd turn out to be right or wrong. It was fantastic.

Throughout the progression of this novel, a ton of things crept into the plot to keep me turning the pages. Alongside Jen's own journey of self-discovery, Jill included the amusing circumstances surrounding Jen's granddad, the creation of a blog which Jen had wanted to do for some time now, and lots of relationship to and froing! It was entertaining, exciting and a thoroughly enjoyable read, another winner with me from the wonderful Jill Steeples! Jill's creativity really comes into play within this novel, and it was evident from the way in which the author wrote that her characters meant a lot to her, as they did to me by the time Jen's story came to an end.    

Becca's Books is awarding It's Now or Never by Jill Steeples with FOUR YUMMY CUPCAKES! An intriguing premise, a mysterious prediction for the future, and the unceasing need to find out what exactly Alex had slipped behind that bar! 

*Special thanks to Jill Steeples and Carina UK for providing me with a digital copy of It's Now or Never in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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  1. I feel like the prediction is a really clever plot device to keep the reader very much engaged here. From the sounds of it, without that action this book could be just another (well done, admittedly) Girl Meets Guy Starts Living Life story, but that extra twist gives you this sneaking suspicion that something poetic and mysterious is hanging over Jen and her future. Sounds like a real page turner!