Life or Something Like It by Annie Lyons

Title - Life or Something Like It 
Author - Annie Lyons
Publication Date - July 13th 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)

Step into someone else's shoes for a day...
And it will change you for a lifetime...

Cat is very good at her job. She runs a PR company with her best friend (and secret crush) Jesse, and is never happier than when her high-profile celebrities are glittering in the spotlight.

But when her footballer client gets in the press for all the wrong reasons, Cat's career takes a sudden nosedive. So when her brother Andrew unexpectedly needs her to look after his kids for a few weeks, she can hardly say no. She's happily single, hasn't exactly been the 'World's Best Auntie' over the years, and what she knows about looking after children would fit on the back of a postage stamp. But it's only temporary until she gets her real life back on track - isn't it?

First of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you to the fabulous author Annie Lyons and her publishers Carina UK for providing me with a review copy of Life or Something Like It via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

It has been such a very long time since I last read a novel by the wonderful Annie Lyons, the last time being back in July of 2014 when I read the fabulous Not Quite Perfect, which I adored, so I couldn't wait to once again delve into a world created by Annie and meet a brand new batch of characters and situations that I could really lose myself to.

In Life or Something Like It, Annie introduces the reader to Cat Nightingale, a snappy, constantly-on-top-of-her-game business woman with a firm mantra that she lives by - 'Work hard. Have fun. No drama.' But when one of Cat's clients gets into some trouble for misbehaving, she's forced to take a break which, coincidentally, happens to collide perfectly with her brother Andrew needing a hand with his children. This is where the story really got fun for me, readers, because even somebody with half a brain could see how obviously useless Cat Nightingale was going to be when it came to her niece and nephew.

As I'd expected, Annie's writing within Life or Something Like It was spot on. There was humour, romance, and the learning, I thought, of how life could be truly wonderful, if only Cat Nightingale would take a step away from her constantly moving lifestyle and breathe in the fresh air and admire the scenery. Annie's creation of Cat was faultless, but I have to admit that I didn't immediately take to her character at the beginning of the story. She just seemed too focused on the less important things in my eyes, but what I loved was how my opinion of Cat changed throughout the progression of the novel. When Cat agrees to taking care of her brother's children, I really couldn't wait to see how she'd handle such an alien situation because that really is what this was to Cat. She very rarely dealt or spent time with children in her day-to-day life, and it became such a beautifully placed learning curve for Cat's character I had no choice but to warm to her and, ultimately, cheer her on. Annie's style stayed true-to-form within Life or Something Like It, in that it was gorgeously descriptive, witty and downright impossible to put down. More than that though, it was incredibly fun and entertaining, a story that really held my attention and kept me turning those pages, just to continue reading and being witness to how Cat would grow and change and, ultimately, see that life held so much more if she'd only take a moment to appreciate it.

There were a whole cast of wonderfully engaging characters within Life or Something Like It, ranging from the cheeky but adorable little ones, to lovely, lovely Finn, including a whole lot more. Each of these characters held something that would, in the end, unlock the parts of Cat Nightingale's heart that had been hidden away for so long and allow her to see what exactly she'd been missing out on while working like a maniac. It was such a life-affirming, invigorating and positively heart-warming story, about learning how to really really live your life to the fullest and enjoy every single second of it.

I loved this story so much, and being a family girl myself, it held such a wonderful premise for me as a reader. As I mentioned above, it was such an entertaining novel, focusing on the transformation of one hell of a hectic woman who finally learns to take a step away from the chaos and life and enjoy it from the back seat with a perfect view of the most important things. Life, family and love.

Becca's Books is awarding Life or Something Like It by Annie Lyons with FIVE SCRUMMY CUPCAKES! Such a gorgeously crafted novel with a heroine who will have you hoping against hope that she'll just give herself a break and enjoy all that life has to offer. With a warm 'family feel' and a whole lot of heart, this is one story that you should most definitely treat yourselves too.

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  1. Hahahaha, a woman who has "no drama" in her motto is a PR representative? Obviously you need to be very good with drama (or at least damage control on it) in order to succeed in that line of work! It sounds like Cat's transformation throughout the course of the book represents something fundamentally human about being introduced to people you wouldn't normally be interacting with (or looking after...) My life has been a flurry of business and work lately trying to pull my writing together, but I'm happy to say I'm heading home this weekend for a couple of much-needed weeks with my family to cool my heels and reflect on what's really most important! :D