Our Little Secret by Jenna Ellis

Title - Our Little Secret
Author - Jenna Ellis
Publication Date - July 16th 2015
Publisher - Pan
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 416

Can she promise not to tell? The chance of a lifetime...

When Sophie Henshall answers an advertisement in The Lady to be the live-in Nanny for a New York family, she could never have known just how much her world was about to change.

Luxury beyond her wildest dreams...

Transported to the Big Apple and thrown into a glamorous world of palatial homes, designer clothes and fast cars, Sophie feels out of her depth and yet excited at what the future holds. 

Can you keep a secret...

Her hosts are flirtatious, irresistibly attractive and Sophie cannot resist the temptations that they put in her way. But all is not as it seems, and the mysterious Parkers have secrets to share.

There is no doubt about it. Jenna Ellis is one hell of a writer. She has a very sleek and smooth writing style with witty humour added here and there for good measure, and I found myself enjoying reading the way in which the author chose to put her sentences together. I know it sounds odd, and probably like such a simple thing, but they were so pleasing and made my reading of Our Little Secret a real treat.

In terms of the plot, I had a few issues. I felt as if I were waiting for almost more than half of the novel to figure out what exactly was going on with Sophie and her new strange and mysterious circumstances in the luxurious home of the Parkers. If the author had been hoping to achieve some serious suspense for the reader by doing this, then I cannot fault her for achieving exactly that, but for me, I felt like the mystery and the secrets behind the Parkers were drawn out for far too long. I love a touch of mystery, don't get me wrong, but I think it came to a point where I was growing frustrated with myself for not being able to pinpoint exactly what was going on.

Jenna, when the plot began to grow deliciously steamy, was a complete pro it appeared. Her descriptions were absolutely fantastic, drawing me further into the strange goings-on within the Parker household and completely mystifying me at the same time. It was clear that the Parkers, who had hired Sophie as their live-in nanny, were not your everyday couple. They were glamorous, lived an extraordinarily luxurious life and it was all completely brand new to Sophie, and such a blatant contrast to the world which she'd left behind. I couldn't blame Sophie at all for being so awe-struck once she'd arrived at the Parkers' home, because I would have been staring with wide eyes in exactly the same way. Again, Jenna's brilliant use of imagery came into play here, creating a perfect image in my mind of the couple and their home. There were a couple of plot twists along the way which had me trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, hints towards what the Parkers were really all about, but again, I felt as if I was left waiting for too long to get my answers, which I wanted so, so badly.

Having said that, my comments above wouldn't put me off reading another novel by Jenna Ellis. Despite my impatience with the plot and the pace of Our Little Secret, it's impossible to deny that Jenna has a certain way with words which I'd happily read again. I particularly enjoyed the ending of this novel, but I wouldn't want to give anything away so I'll zip it. Becca's Books is awarding Our Little Secret by Jenna Ellis with three gorgeous cupcakes! I wouldn't say no to more Jenna Ellis in the future!


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