Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

Title - Some Kind of Wonderful
Author - Sarah Morgan
Series - Puffin Island #2
Publication Date - July 2nd 2015
Publisher - Mills & Boon
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 384

Her whole life, Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest has dreamed of adventure. And at the age of eighteen, she thought she'd found it in bad boy Zachary Flynn. But after just ten tempestuous, smouldering days, their whirlwind marriage went up in smoke, and Brittany resolved to put him out of her mind forever.

Zach knows he let Brittany down, but being back on Puffin Island and seeing Brittany again stirs up long-buried emotions. This daredevil pilot has never felt worthy of her, yet he can't stay away - even when he knows the chemistry between them will only complicate his life.

As long, hot summer days on the beach dissolve into sultry, starry nights, Brittany and Zach find that the sparks between them are more powerful than ever. Could it be that the second time around, their dreams of a happy-ever-after will finally come true?

Well, dayumn! If I thought that the first book in the Puffin Island trilogy was absolutely fantastic, then the second book was just perfect in every sense of the word. I'll be honest, there are a ton of Sarah Morgan's book that I still need to read but so far, the Puffin Island trilogy has won me over completely and we're only onto the second book. One thing I've come to recognise though, is that Sarah Morgan never, ever fails to let me down. She is an author whom I wholeheartedly trust. I would gladly drop a pile of Sarah Morgan's books into my trolley while shopping without even glancing at their covers or blurb because I just know, hand on heart, that she will provide me with a story that is completely swoon-worthy, addictive, all-consuming and exactly what I, as a romance reader, adore when reading. Sarah's characters are always, without fail, strongly crafted and incredibly believable. They each come with their very own history, dreams, beliefs and ideas that set them apart from each other and Sarah moulds them so beautifully it's near impossible to think of them as fictional and not, in fact, real people. 

Some Kind of Wonderful stole my heart, my breath and, deliciously, my sleep. I found myself racing through this story, desperate to devour every word that the author provided me with, as well as every gorgeous description, pulse-raising scene and tender moment. Puffin Island was, as it appeared to me in the first novel First Time in Forever, a stunning place to set this story. It quickly began to feel like home to me, and Sarah brought it to life beautifully, with the islanders, the stores and the back-stories of the characters who played secondary roles to Brittany and Zach who took centre-stage in the unravelling of this story. 

As I mentioned above, Sarah Morgan is always at the top of her game when it comes to bringing her characters to life for the reader, and in Some Kind of Wonderful, this skill truly shone. Zachary Flynn was, as I'd hoped, the ultimate bad-boy, and although this completely worked in my favour, it hadn't worked in Brittany Forrest's. Sarah revealed Brittany and Zach's past to me in the most touching of ways, it quickly became evident that Zach wasn't just a bad-boy because it attracted the ladies (although this had certainly worked in his favour in the past). No, this bad-boy attitude had stemmed from the dark years he'd spent in foster homes, and earlier years alongside his brutal, nasty father. As I learnt more about Zach, and as Sarah painted this picture of what he'd been through during his lifetime, my heart, which had originally been thumping with joy at realising I had a bad-boy hero on my hands, slowed right down and suddenly, I didn't believe in his fa├žade after all. In fact, my heart began to ache for this beautiful man who just couldn't seem to feel or love, but, it turned out, desperately wanted to, despite not admitting it to himself. I really took to Zach, not just as a potential book-boyfriend, but because I could see this person locked away inside the bad-boy demeanour and I was desperate for that person to come out. There wasn't a doubt in my mind, throughout reading, that a softer, more gentle side to Zach did exist. I fell for Zachary Flynn hook, line and sinker and, as the novel progressed, it turned out Brittany Forrest had done exactly the same thing as a teenager on Puffin Island.

It was difficult for me to not become sympathetic towards Brittany Forrest, especially since she's a wrist down after an accident during an archaeological dig. So when she returns to Puffin Island, free of plans for the time being but faced with the unavoidable presence of Zachary Flynn, I was bouncing on the spot, eager to see those sparks that would inevitably zip between them, and my God did they zip! Those sparks flung themselves to and fro between Brittany and Zachary and it made for one hell of a deliciously intense read that had my own pulse racing, never mind Brittany's! Once I became aware of the history between the two of them, it made complete sense that Brittany would try to stay as far away from Zachary Flynn as possible. But unfortunately for Brittany, (fortunately for me!) in a place like Puffin Island, it's near impossible to not cross paths at some point. Oh, the chemistry, the tension, the history between them! It spoke volumes for the here and now, and I was desperate, desperate I tell you, for something to happen between them, because if it wasn't then I was going to explode from the sizzle! Brittany appealed to me because she was such a loving, kind-hearted woman, endlessly loyal and she had the most fantastic friends surrounding her on Puffin Island, it was hard to not feel just a little bit jealous of her circumstances, Zach included. I loved the moments where, as the novel progressed, Brittany would turn to Skylar and Emily (who we meet in First Time in Forever) to discuss things and figure out what she'd do next. These moments between the friends allowed me to take a step away from the relationship between Brittany and Zach, meaning that when Sarah returned my attention to them, it felt more exciting and tense than ever! 

In true Sarah Morgan style, Some Kind of Wonderful was just stunning. It had everything that I'd hoped for and more. The physical attraction, emotional withholding, raw chemistry, great friends and a setting to die for, the second novel in the Puffin Island series is definitely my favourite so far. Zach was a complete hunk of a man, Brittany was a strong, independent woman, and the story of their love had my heart doing somersaults in my chest. It's certainly true what they say. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." But in this case, a witty heroine who makes a few rules for herself hides this brilliantly well.

Becca's Books is rating Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan with FIVE SCRUMPTIOUS CUPCAKES! I am on tenterhooks as I wait for the last novel in the Puffin Island trilogy, which is where we'll be reunited with Skylar. After reading a teaser once I'd finished Some Kind of Wonderful, I just know that we're in for one gorgeous finale! Sarah Morgan, I really cannot applaud you enough. I was wrapped up in Zach and Brittany's story completely, the romance was breathtaking and the characters were a complete and utter joy. Roll on October!



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  1. It's interesting how you can simultaneously be so envious of Brittany's life and feel so sympathetic for her. Rekindling relationships can be so much harder and more intense then just starting them off...I feel like the emotional stakes are inherently higher in a plot like this. It's wonderful to hear you talk about Sara Morgan with such excitement and book-struck charm :) I know I have authors like's great when they're prolific to boot! It sounds like she's continuing to put out great books that are up to the quality her readers have come to expect from her!