The Hunt by T.J. Lebbon

Title - The Hunt
Author - T.J. Lebbon
Publication Date - June 18th 2015
Publisher - Avon
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via publisher)
Pages - 400

The cruellest game. The highest stakes. Only she can bring his family back alive...

Rose is the one that got away. She was the prey in a human trophy hunt organised by an elite secret organisation for super-rich clients seeking a unique thrill. She paid a terrible price. Every moment since she has been planning her revenge... And now her day has come.

Chris returns from his morning run to find his wife and children missing and a stranger in his kitchen...

He's told to run.

If he's caught and killed, his family go free. If he escapes, they die.

Rose is the only one who can help him, but Rose only has her sights on one conclusion. For her, Chris is bait. But The Trail have not forgotten the woman who tried to outwit them. 

The Trail want Rose. The hunters want Chris's corpse. Rose wants revenge, and Chris just wants his family back.

The hunt is on...

Just lately, I'm finding that I cannot get enough of fast-paced, thrilling, 'send your heart into overdrive' reads, so I was delighted when I stumbled across The Hunt by T.J. Lebbon. After reading the blurb, I couldn't wait to get started on what sounded to me like the sort of book that could be described as a 'pulse-raiser', and a 'pulse-raiser' it most definitely turned out to be.

I have to admit, it took me a while to figure out what was going on. I was slightly confused at first as to what Chris had managed to find himself tangled up in on an average morning after returning home, sweaty from his usual morning run, and found myself feeling rather impatient as I waited for the author to reveal more to me. Slowly, as Chris took a turn around his empty family home, it began to transpire that something very bad had taken place during his morning run, something so bad, in fact, that there were bloodstains left in the bathroom and a deathly silence where once would have been chatter and laughter from his wife and two daughters. I really do think that the author got the atmosphere during this scene absolutely spot-on. I mean, I hadn't long began reading and suddenly, what had started as a man going for a jog had turned into a scene from a horror movie! It's safe to say that T.J. Lebbon had my attention completely, and I was waiting with baited breath to see what would happen next. It was so incredibly tense, quite disturbing really, and probably the most perfect, tantalising way to begin this novel.

As the story progressed, T.J. Lebbon made this tale even more super-twisty when he introduced Rose, a character who was utterly bad-ass and who I, as a bit of a wimp, was completely in awe of. As soon as Rose stepped into Chris's life, I was intrigued as to how these two characters had found each other, but as I continued to read, the author began to tie the ends together and it couldn't have been any more enthralling. I was on the edge of my seat as snippets of Rose's history were revealed to me, and it came to my attention that she and Chris had much more in common than I'd originally thought. T.J. Lebbon expertly allowed me an insight into both of these characters' narratives, even including small sections from his wife and daughters' circumstances here and there. Ultimately, it was a complete thrill-ride of a novel, one that had me wondering what on earth was going to happen next with every single chapter change.

At times, I felt that the constant talk of the physical exertion, while brilliantly descriptive, lessened my enjoyment of the story slightly. Not so much that I couldn't enjoy it, but more in the way of it holding me back from knowing exactly what was happening and when. It was evident that the author knew exactly what they were talking about when it came to anything physical, and while it certainly added the effect of the novel, I felt it getting it a bit too lengthy and descriptive at times. Besides that, T.J. Lebbon created such a fantastically gripping plot, I found it increasingly difficult to put down as I neared the end of the book. I couldn't wait to find out how it would end, if Chris would reach his family in time and whether they'd still be alive or dead when and if he did... I won't tell, I wouldn't want to ruin the reading of the book for any other readers out there, but I can promise you, it will keep you turning those pages right until the very end.

Becca's Books is awarding The Hunt by T.J. Lebbon with four cupcakes! A pacey, action-packed novel with a brilliant cast of characters and a man who is desperate for survival, but only to save the lives of those he loves dearest. Bravo, Mr Lebbon! 

*Special thanks to T.J Lebbon and Avon Books for providing me with a digital copy of The Hunt in exchange for a fair and honest review*


  1. I'm also really into exciting thrillers at the moment. I won a copy of this book and am really looking forward to reading it. It sounds great from your review.

  2. You have such a range of books you review! One minute it's sunflowers and chocolates, the next it is constant suspense and dangerous thrills! Rose sounds like a fantastic character that a reader can really get behind. A character like that who is bad-ass enough is always inspiring, if only for the hours you spend wrapped up in their story. Being able to juggle characters and their narratives is a sign of a good book indeed, especially when you have to keep the pace as fast as a thriller storyline demands.