Write For Me by Michelle Holt

Title - Write For Me
Author - Michelle Holt
Publication Date - July 24th 2015
Publisher - Self-published
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via author)
Pages - 242

My name is Bently Young. I wouldn't say I'm an angry person. In fact my life had been like a bubble gum infused sundae topped with happiness sprinkles up until the age of when I could date. And I started to date a lot. Guys were fun at first, a nice dinner, someone to tell me I was pretty and laugh at my sarcastic jokes. But then the little creeps started showing their true colours. And they were not my favourite colours. They were like barf green and overripe fungus tangerine. And it made me angry.

Swearing off dating all together was too drastic, but I sure wanted to not do it for a while. I had my family and friends to keep me occupied. I didn't need a man to take me to cheesy restaurants. One could only eat so much free bread and butter. Life could keep zooming along without the necessity of someone with chest hair being around.

Oh but then I met Josh. If I could have just never known he existed, all would have been fine. Of course, I don't mean that because if I never knew he was in the world, my own world would have been an awful place. He makes me want to dance under a happiness sprinkle hail storm. Pretty much he is gorgeous and has the insane ability to use his words to make my heart float out of my chest. That made things a lot better when everything else I knew in my life decided to implode. But we weren't immune to the black hole of horribleness either. 

Ours is an epic love story and I just happened to write it down for you...

Oh, this was a lot of fun to read, sprinkled with highly-entertaining sarcasm, witty dialogue and one girl with an attitude that cannot be beaten. 

In Michelle Holt's Write For Me, readers are introduced to Bently Young, college student and avoider of the male species. As soon as Bently opened her mouth, I loved her. She was fluent in sarcasm, hilarious in wit, and I took to her character like a duck to water. It's been such a long time since I've spent time with young-ish characters, so it felt fantastic to be strolling down those corridors filled with noisy, chatting students alongside Bently. After a disastrous past dating wise, young Bently decides to take a step away from males for a while and just let life carry her along. Until Josh steps on the scene and completely knocks Bently off of her feet...

As love stories go, I thoroughly enjoyed Bently and Josh's. As I mentioned above, it's been a while since I dipped into a story focusing on young-ish characters and so, I found this completely refreshing. Taking into account Bently's rule to not get involved, the tale of she and Josh meeting and falling for each other was an entertaining one to say the least. It was a whirlwind of emotions and angst, worries and doubts, but enjoyable all the same. Not only does the author have this new blossoming romance to keep under control, but there were a ton of characters and sub-plots for me to sink into. I loved Bently's best-friend Taylor. The relationship between she and Bently was an amusing one, but one which I could tell meant a lot to the both of them, therefore felt all the more real to me. The dialogue and narrative was spot-on, although at times, I did feel like the pace was a little slower than necessary. Thankfully, Holt's characters were enough to keep me turning those pages, and when Bently's life takes a life-changing tumble, I really didn't want to turn away.

What I found exciting was that throughout Write For Me, the characters' circumstances were almost constantly changing. There was always something going on in Bently's life, something that I wanted to see the outcome of and watch how she reacted to it. There were ups and downs within the plot, as well as in Bently's life, and all the while, I couldn't help wondering where the author would take Bently next. There were moments of tenderness, of that all-consuming 'first real love' that I loved reading about time and time again. There was the girlish banter between two friends which really made me giggle, and in keeping with the title, the essence of note-writing in class (and out of class) that takes me right back to my own years in school. It was fun and flirty to an extent, until the plot twisted Bently's life completely around and suddenly, she had to do a lot of growing up. 

What I adored most about this novel though, was how Bently's character developed from beginning to end. It was wonderful, although tragic at times, and with the help of Josh, made this story all the more pleasing. Becca's Books is awarding Write For Me by Michelle Holt with four gorgeous cupcakes! It was a pleasure to read and I'd like to thank Michelle Holt for getting in touch with me via Becca's Books in regards to reading and reviewing Write For Me.

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