The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet

Title - The Little Kiosk by the Sea
Author - Jennifer Bohnet
Publication Date - August 18th 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
One summer they'll never forget...

Meet Sabine, desperately fighting to save her little kiosk from closure whilst turning down her friend Owen's proposals, time and time again. 

Cue Harriet, returning to Dartmouth after thirty years, haunted by the scandal that drove her away and shocked by a legacy that threatens her relationship with her journalist daughter.

Enter Rachel, the mysterious newcomer who has an unexpected chemistry with a local widower, and who sets in motion a chain of events she could never have predicted...

One thing's for sure, as the autumn tide turns, there'll be more than one secret laid bare!

Set in the charming location of Dartmouth, The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet was the perfect story for me. The first novel by Jennifer that I've had the pleasure of reading, I couldn't have loved this more. Full of mystery, intrigue and even a dash of genealogy, The Little Kiosk by the Sea was a wonderful escape from reality, positively overflowing with secrets and hidden histories that I was desperate to learn more about as they began to reveal themselves to me.

Within this delightful novel, Jennifer Bohnet introduces us to Sabine, Harriet, Johnnie, Ellie, BB and Owen. Each of the characters are connected to Dartmouth in some way, and that pretty much sets up the plot for the remainder of the novel. Each character has their own unique journey to tread upon as the mysteries within begin to untangle, a journey which I felt privileged to be a part of. Secrets are revealed, things long ago kicked beneath the rug erupt through the surface, and fears are finally faced after being kept hidden for years. It was incredibly exciting to be witness to all of this, and the sheer desperation to figure things out kept those pages turning throughout the night. 

I've never visited Dartmouth myself, but the author's descriptions were absolutely beautiful, allowing me a vivid image in my mind of the setting in which this story took place. What surprised me even more though, was how little had to be said in regards to description. There wasn't so much that it took away from the plot itself, but just enough there to have my mind ticking over as it grabbed hold of the descriptions the author gave to me and made quick work of them. The Kiosk, the pub, the harbour, I devoured it all, and found myself feeling ridiculously comfortable with these new surroundings and the characters which inhabited them. I felt as if I were being welcomes with open arms into each character's life and were there to stand beside each of them when the tide came rolling in and life didn't go to plan.

Jennifer Bohnet performed a narrative switch with each chapter change, allowing me an insight into each separate crisis or journey the character in question had to face. Whether that be a mission to delve into the past to figure out the history of a family, or to reveal the truth about a person's past, it was all very secretive and mysterious and had me wondering endlessly. Each character felt real and utterly believable to me, so much so that I could imagine each of them going about their daily business whenever Jennifer moved me away and onto someone. The pacing was absolutely perfect. Not once was I left hanging or unsatisfied, but fulfilled and completely entertained.

The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet completely whisked me away to a place which I would gladly re-visit again and again. Despite the cropping up of the past, as well as dilemmas in the current day, there was a sense of calm surrounding the little kiosk, sort of constant and never-ending. This novel was fantastic and I can't believe I left it so long before reading something by Jennifer Bohnet. I loved it, and really cannot wait for news of the author's next release. 

Becca's Books is awarding The Little Kiosk by the Sea with five gorgeous cupcakes! Everything about this novel worked for me, I genuinely couldn't fault a single thing. Flawless writing, thoroughly enjoyable characters and a setting I wanted to live in myself.


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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review Becca. Am thrilled you enjoyed Kiosk. (This comment will show as being from my husband but it's not - it's me! Google has decided to join our two accounts into his name!)