The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett by Raven McAllan

Title - The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett
Author - Raven McAllan
Publication Date - September 22nd 2015
Publisher - Carina UK
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 257

To have and to hold?

Reluctant d├ębutante Lady Clarissa Macpherson has never forgotten the forbidden kiss she shared with notorious rake, Lord Theodore Bennett, all those years ago. Even now, he's the one man who sets Clarissa's pulse racing and her skin tingling - no matter how hard she tries to ignore it!

Yet, when Theodore rescues her from the unwanted advances of a drunken Lord at a society ball, she finds herself in a most scandalous predicament - engaged, to the most eligible bachelor in London!

Wedded? It appears so, but bedded? Clarissa demands more from her marriage than simply surrendering to her new husband's sexual desires, especially when she realises she's falling deeper in love with him every single day. Theodore must prove that she's the only woman for him - and surrender his heart!

Yet resisting her new husband's delicious seduction may prove the hardest thing Clarissa has ever done...

It's been a while since I last had the pleasure of dipping into a delicious serving of regency romance, so I couldn't wait to begin Raven McAllan's The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett. The title, the cover and not forgetting the blurb all sang to me, and the fact that the proposal was referred to as scandalous within the title enticed me even more. I wanted to find out all about this Lord Bennett character who, from the blurb, sounded to me like the sort of man a woman shouldn't want, but can't help herself and wants him anyway, regardless of the rules! I readied myself for a sultry, captivating read, and I'm pleased to say that's exactly what I found.

Without relaying the blurb, The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett focuses on the coupling of Clarissa Macpherson and Lord Theodore Bennett. Following on from a secret kiss the pair had once shared years beforehand, Clarissa and Lord Bennett meet again at a rather swanky ball. In a true, swoonworthy and heroic gesture, Lord Bennett appears to swoop in at exactly the right moment and rescues Clarissa from the slimy advances of a tipple-induced ball-attendee, but which quickly transforms into a proposal to save Clarissa from a torrent of scandal and gossip in the worst way. As the novel unravels, the reader journeys alongside Clarissa and Lord Bennett as they step into marriage and become accustomed to life beside each other, although nothing is ever as easy as it first appears to be, and Clarissa and Lord Bennett each have their own worries and troubles to contend with as they embark upon this adventure together.

What I truly enjoyed within The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett were Raven's absolutely stunning descriptions The clothes, the settings, the language used within her characters' dialogue swept me into another era completely. I devoured the imagery provided by the author, allowing my imagination to run wild, and this helped to really set the scene for me. Raven's clear passion and knowledge in regards to this earlier century shone through in her writing and made it a pure joy for me to read. From the talk of society balls to the terms used, such as 'rake' and 'ton', and the descriptions of the evening gown and food, I thoroughly enjoyed stepping back in time with the help of Raven McAllan.

The chemistry between Clarissa Macpherson and Lord Bennett drove me absolutely wild in this novel. Clarissa was a character who I found wholly entertaining, with her determination to not become dependent on Lord Bennett, and her refusal to lay with him if she were only to become another notch on his bedpost. She was such a strong and fierce woman, the type of woman I'd certainly like to be like, with a backbone tougher than iron and a brain far too quick to be outwitted by Lord Bennett. Every scene which saw Clarissa and Lord Bennett together had my pulse rising, the desire between them so obvious and the refusal to do anything about it so torturous! Raven's language during these sensual moments was absolutely fantastic. What impressed me even more was the fabulous character development throughout the telling of Clarissa and Lord Bennett's story. The pair came on leaps and bounds and had grown so much, together as well as separately, by the time my reading of The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett came to an end. It was thrilling to see how they changed throughout, to watch their dialogue towards each other gradually transform into something else too. I felt completely involved in their time together, willing the distance between them to lessen with every page that I turned. It was so well written and delivered, I hardly wanted to leave Clarissa and Lord Bennett when the novel came to an end. I loved the world that I became so absorbed in, a world long before my time, and felt completely swept up by Raven McAllan's style.

  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my reading of The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennet and I would gladly dip into another regency world written by Raven McAllan. A truly delicious step back in time that has left me hungry for more. Becca's Books is awarding The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett by Raven McAllan with FOUR SCRUMMY CUPCAKES! If you're a regency fan, then I suggest you delve into this, it will tease and tantalise until the very last page!

Raven McAllan lives in Scotland, the land of lochs, glens, mountains, haggis, men in kilts (sometimes) and midges. She enjoys all of them - except midges. They're not known as the scourge of Scotland for nothing. 

Her long-suffering husband has learned how to work the Aga, ignore the dust bunnies who share their lives, and pour the wine when necessary. 

Raven loves history, which is just as well, considering she writes Regency romance, and often gets so involved in her research she forgets the time.

She loves to travel, and says she and her hubby are doing their gap year in three week stints. All in the name of research of course.

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