A DOUBLE Prowse cover reveal!

It's a very exciting morning here on Becca's Books because today, I'm helping to reveal not one, but TWO fabulous new book covers, both of which belong to the wonderful Amanda Prowse. These are re-designs of the covers of Perfect Daughter and Another Love, and I think that they look fantastic.

Before the big reveal, take a look at the original covers for these two titles...


And now for the reveal of the two brand-spanking-new designs!


Aren't they powerful? As much as I adored the previous covers, I really do feel that the new designs make them feel that much more striking and real. Very sophisticated and edgy, I cannot wait to see what's in store for readers behind these images...

Check out the blurbs to find out more:

Once upon a time, Jacks Morgan had dreams.
She would have a career and travel the world. She would own a house on the beach, and spend long nights with her boyfriend strolling under the stars. 

But life had other ideas. First Martha came along, then Jonty. Then her elderly mother moved in, and now their little terrace in Weston-super-Mare is bursting at the seams.

Jacks gave up on her dreams to look after her family. If only, just for once, her family would look after her...

The new gritty, emotional bestseller from Amanda Prowse.
In the early years of their love affair, Romilly was happy. She had worked hard for her stunning, modern house in one of Bristol's most fashionable suburbs. She adored her gorgeous, gap-toothed daughter and her handsome, kind husband. Sure, life was sometimes exhausting - but nothing that a large glass of wine at the end of the day couldn't fix.
And then a new neighbour arrived and everything unravelled. A glass of wine became a bottle; one bottle became two. Romilly's family were once everything to her. Now, after years of hiding the drinking, she must finally admit that she has found another love...

Another Love by Amanda Prowse arrives January 16th 2016.

Amanda has always obsessively crafted short stories and scribbled notes for potential books. Six years ago, she quit her job as a management consultant and began writing full time. Her first book, Poppy Day is a contemporary novel following an army wife whose incredible love for her husband gives her the courage to set out to rescue him after he was taken hostage in Afghanistan. Originally self-published in October 2011, Poppy Day quickly became a bestseller and Amanda joined the prestigious Head of Zeus publishing house.

The second in the No Greater Love series, 'What Have I Done?' was an eBook sensation where women worldwide identified with the theme of domestic abuse in middle class households and it was subsequently voted a 'Best Book of 2013' by Amazon Kindle. Amanda followed this by joining the team of the ITV This Morning show as their resident author in 2013.

All of Amanda's books in the No Greater Love series share one common theme - the main characters are ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary situations where their strength, resourcefulness and determination is tested to their very limits.

Amanda's ambition is to create stories that keep people from turning the bedside lamp off at night, great characters that ensure you take every step with them and tales that fill your head so you can't possibly read another book until the memory fades...

You can find Amanda Prowse on Facebook | Twitter | amandaprowse.org

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