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Title - Mothers Ruined
Author - Aimee Horton
Publication Date - October 9th 2015
Publisher - Velvet Morning Press
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via tour host)

Dottie Harris has a knack for stumbling into chaotic situations, gin & tonic in hand!

When Dottie and Henry Harris move to their new house, Dottie's only desire is to make friends in the neighbourhood. But Dottie, just home from delivering her third child, is struggling to adjust to village life. Recently promoted Henry travels a lot, and the neighbours aren't very welcoming (although that could be because when Dottie first met then, she had dyed her children green).

So when Dottie accidentally hears her neighbours' conversations over her baby monitor, she can't help but use the information in her quest to build new friendships.

Of course, eavesdropping never ends well, and when Dottie discovers that two of her neighbours are having an affair, she's horrified. Worse still, the locals are convinced she's the one who's doing the cheating. It's up to Dottie to clear her name and expose the real cheat - in her signature haphazard way.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the fabulous Tay from Chicks That Read  for allowing me the opportunity to take part in the blog tour for Aimee Horton's novel Mothers Ruined. This is the very first book that I've read by Aimee and I'm so very pleased to say that I really and truly enjoyed it.

Mothers Ruined follows the story of Dottie Harris. Dottie by name, dotty by nature, but only in the very best of ways. Entertaining the entire way through, and full to the brim with side-splitting humour, this was completely uplifting and a book which I'm sure women everywhere, more specifically mothers, can relate to. Married life, school runs, temper tantrums and a few nappy accidents make up the life of Dottie Harris as she tries to tackle the seemingly difficult task of making new friends.

Aimee Horton's creativity and hysterical ideas truly come into play within Mothers Ruined. The plot follows Dottie's discovery of being able to listen to her new neighbours' most intimate conversations and antics through the use of her baby monitor. Including something that Dottie wishes she hadn't ever found out. Interesting, no? Through this device, she is able to discover a way to make a brand new bunch of friends, using the things she learns to her advantage. I honestly thought that this idea was genius. It was fresh and exciting for me, something I hadn't ever read about happening before. It opened up all sorts of hilarious possibilities for Dottie and as soon as this was introduced to the plot, I couldn't wait to see where Aimee Horton would take Dottie on her adventures.

Alongside amusing antics from Dottie's mischievous children, but the sort of antics you'd only find funny if they were happening to someone else, this story was full of that good-old warmth that a story based around friendship and family life can provide. Dinner time, bath time and bed time all included, I don't think there was a single chapter that went by without Dottie being covered in vomit, sick, or the not-so-appealing things that fill a nappy. Not only that, but when Dottie brings home a newborn baby boy rather the newborn baby girl they'd been expecting, you come to realise that Dottie isn't the type of person to lead a simple life, whether she likes it or not, which only ever emphasises the brilliance of the character that Aimee Horton has created. What I also loved was Dottie's enthusiasm to make friends. Even despite having her attempts at conversation and friendly smiles thrown back in her face as she slowly began to make her presence known to her new neighbours, still she persisted and it was completely heart-warming. It really brought forward her lovely nature. So laid-back and genuine, I couldn't understand why the women didn't want to invite Dottie into their friendship group full of tea and biscuits and gossip, but the reasons behind this were soon brought to life and I thought it was brilliantly done. 

Cheering Dottie on, sympathising and shaking with laughter made up my reading experience of Mothers Ruined. This was such a fantastically thought-out and written story, and all at once I became ensconced in Dottie's life. Warm and welcoming, the complete opposite to Dottie's neighbours, Mothers Ruined left me feeling bouncy with happiness. I truly cannot wait to read more from Aimee Horton. This was a very promising start for me in regards to Aimee Horton's books, and I look forward to more Dottie in the future!

Becca's Books is awarding Mothers Ruined by Aimee Horton with FOUR scrummy cupcakes! Giggles, snorts and the most hilarious of heroines, Dottie Harris is a woman I hope to catch up with in the future, just to see where her crazy life has taken her next!

Aimee is from Lincoln, England, where she enjoys drinking gin and spending time with her family (and she won't tell you which of those she prefers doing). As a child, one of her favourite parts of the summer holidays was to devour all the books in a little book shop in Devon. She continued reading at lightning speed right up until having children. She now reads with eyes propped open by match sticks.

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