Christmas on Becca's Books | Christmas Q&A with Rhianne, Little Novelist

~ Christmas Q&A ~

With Rhianne, Little Novelist

What does Christmas mean to you? 
Christmas is a time for family, it's when everyone comes together and spends time with each other.

When does the Christmas excitement usually begin in your household?
With me! In usually the one who wakes everyone up and gets excited. Being the youngest I'm allowed to even at 23! Well nearly 23. 

In terms of present shopping, do you like to begin early and stay organised, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of shopper?
I've already finished my Christmas shopping! I tend to do it in October and November. I only have a few things to pick up but as its food I won't get that till closer the time. 

What’s your favourite part of a Christmas dinner? 
Roast potatoes. I love them. Also the desserts. It's the only time I ever eat a three course mean and I love it. 

Least favourite part? 
SPROUTS. When I was little my dad would say I have to eat one. Now I don't eat any aha 

Ultimate favourite Christmas song?
Shakin' Stevens Merry Crhistmas Everyone. 

Favourite Christmas movie? 
I actually don't watch many Christmas Films so would have to be Love Actually as its the only one I've seen - don't hate me. 

Is Christmas usually a huge family affair for you, or a small gathering? 
Erm, depends on the day. There's usually a different gathering every day between 24th-27th 

Who does the cooking? 
Mum and Dad. 

What sits atop your Christmas tree? 
A star but my tinker bell has pride of place right at the front. 

Do you decorate with precision, or happy chaos? 
I've actually not decorated before so this year, as I've moved in with my boyfriend, I'll be decorating with happy chaos! 

Who does the washing up afterwards? 
Dishwasher ;) 

Favourite gift received?
Last year? Probably my boot slippers, I wear them everywhere!

A Christmas reading recommendation? 
I have a whole post for this on my blog! So check them out of you want more than one - Big Fat Christmas wedding by Samantha Tonge and it's live on december 6th!

If Santa could grant you one wish this year, what would it be? 
Let me win the lottery? ;)

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning? 
I don't even know, but I'm not allowed to leave my room until 7am 

Three favourite Christmas smells?
I actually don't like any of the Christmas candles so I don't think I have any. Unless you count the smell of the dinner cooking. 

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home? Did you enjoy it, or miss the familiar surroundings? 
Not yet. Next year I'll be in Australia as my brother is moving there. 

Do you pile presents around the tree, or wait until Christmas Eve so they’re there on Christmas morning?
Mum used to wait when I was little, now we just put them under as we go. 

Has anything ever happened to you, to make you wonder if Christmas time really is magical?
I vaguely remember snow on Christmas Eve once. And I have actually seen Santa. I'm still convinced it was the real thing. 

If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would you spend it? 
With my family every time. 

Cranberry sauce or not? 
Ew. I hate cranberrys so no thank you. 

Mince pie or Christmas pudding?
Neither, I don't like either of them. 

Any special Christmas traditions?
I wake everyone up at 7am and we have stockings. 

How do you spend Boxing Day?
This year it'll be spent with my boyfriends dad but usually it's pretty boring haha. 

At what point do the Christmas decorations come down? 
ASAP! Need to get the house back to normal otherwise they'd be up all year round haha. 

What are you looking forward to most, this Christmas?
Having my boyfriend join us. 

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