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~ Christmas Q&A ~

With Tracy Shephard

What does Christmas mean to you?
I used to love Christmas when my kids were younger, I loved the childlike excitement of it all.

When does the Christmas excitement usually begin in your household?
My birthday is on the 18th, so not until after that... it's only fair I get a normal birthday like everyone else.

In terms of present shopping, do you like to begin early and stay organised, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of shopper? 
I made a decision to do all my shopping on Christmas Eve once. Just like the movies...NEVER AGAIN. it was so stressful. not like the movies at all funnily enough.

What’s your favourite part of a Christmas dinner? 
All the trimmings,  I really go for it and just munch all day.

Least favourite part? 
The Hangover.

Ultimate favourite Christmas song?
Elvis Presley singing Silent Night but I do love Little Donkey when the little ones sing it.

Favourite Christmas movie? 
Scrooge... I watch every one that's on, every year,

Is Christmas usually a huge family affair for you, or a small gathering? 
Now it's just me and the MR.

Who does the cooking?
Erm... Me lol he can't get the timing right.

What sits atop your Christmas tree?
I don't have one. With 3 cats it would be chaos.

Do you decorate with precision, or happy chaos?
I used to decorate with a stylish theme, I love red green and gold.

Who does the washing up afterwards?
Again me, although the MR will help.

Favourite gift received?
received Diamond earrings, I recently lost one and was distraught, then I found it again and was so happy I cried for an hour.

A Christmas reading recommendation?
A Christmas Carol. It really is my fav,  bought a copy that's worth £150 for just £6, it's my pride and joy.

If Santa could grant you one wish this year, what would it be?
A holiday, I haven't had one in such a long time. Or I would like  a copy of a book that I wouldn't necessarily buy myself.

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
Now it's just when I wake but when the kids were small it was when they got me up with their squeals.

Three favourite Christmas smells?
Rum, Christmas pudding and pine needles.

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home? Did you enjoy it, or miss the familiar surroundings?
I used to go to a hotel every year and it was fab. I recommend it if you have no family. It was a special time spent with strangers. We were able to give our gifts to Santa for him to return to us on Christmas morn.

Do you pile presents around the tree, or wait until Christmas Eve so they’re there on Christmas morning?
I like to see them around the tree, obviously with small kids you can't do that,

Has anything ever happened to you, to make you wonder if Christmas time really is magical?When you have little money and Christmas day is a success and everyone is happy. You are left wondering .how did I pull that off??

Cranberry sauce or not?
Not for me.

Mince pie or Christmas pudding?
Christmas pudding with Devon clotted cream,, like I said I really go for it.

Any special Christmas traditions?
Yes, the grown ups have a Christmas Eve gift. I started doing it when I heard the royals opened theirs on Christmas Eve.. Ideas above my station. :)

How do you spend Boxing Day?
It's like Christmas Day all over again.

At what point do the Christmas decorations come down?
Oh God, I hate the things, They just collect dust don't they. They go up on the 21st and come down on the 2nd Jan.

What are you looking forward to most, this Christmas?
Just spending time with my MR and having a restful time.

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  1. aww it's great Rebecca..isn't 'Tracy' lovely :) x thanks for including me.... Merry Christmas