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~ Christmas Q&A ~

With Josephine Moon

What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas is my favourite time of year, largely so because it is summer here and hot and my memories with Christmas are associated with long summer holidays and beach weather :)

When does the Christmas excitement usually begin in your household?
Definitely from November because the hot weather has really set in by then. But Facebook put up an old memory for me, from a few years ago, and I was wrapping presents in October!

In terms of present shopping, do you like to begin early and stay organised, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of shopper?
I plan months in advance. For me, it's the planning and imagining that's the most fun bit. I write lists. I have great visions of making gorgeous, meaningful handmade crafts (that never work out), and I always overspend. 

What’s your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

Least favourite part?
Nothing: I love it all.

Favourite Christmas movie?
I'm going to say "The Holiday" though I don't think it's technically a Christmas movie.

Is Christmas usually a huge family affair for you, or a small gathering?
When I was a child it was a huge family affair. Naturally, as my grandparents passed on, the gatherings became smaller family events. And now I have my own child, I'm preparing for a big one this year because he is three and he KNOWS all about Santa. In fact, he's been talking about it since last Christmas when he started to work the whole thing out.

Who does the cooking?
 Everyone does something.

What sits atop your Christmas tree?
A star

Do you decorate with precision, or happy chaos?
Happy chaos, handmade bits and pieces, last minute gaudy excess... whatever is going. 

Who does the washing up afterwards?
The dishwasher!

  Favourite gift received?
As a child, anything to do with horses.

A Christmas reading recommendation?
I don't think you can go past "The Night Before Christmas" :)

   If Santa could grant you one wish this year, what would it be?
World peace

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
I think this year, with my three-year-old, it will be around 5am.

  Three favourite Christmas smells?
Roast turkey, fresh rain (remember, it's usually stinking hot and we're dying for a storm to cool everything down), and rum balls.

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home? Did you enjoy it, or miss the familiar surroundings?
I haven't.

Do you pile presents around the tree, or wait until Christmas Eve so they’re there on Christmas morning? 
I always attempt to pile them, but usually a cat or dog or child breaks into them so they end up somewhere high where they're safe.

  If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would you spend it?
Like many Australians, I would really like to experience a white winter just once. 

Cranberry sauce or not?

Mince pie or Christmas pudding?
Pudding (gluten free, homemade)

Any special Christmas traditions?
We've started taking our dogs to a big leash-free park on Christmas morning. It has huge open spaces, no fences, a running creek, massive pines that drop cones on the ground. It's really lovely. (Hot, but lovely.)

How do you spend Boxing Day?
Eating leftover food and recovering. Now that we live near the beach, we like to refresh down there.

At what point do the Christmas decorations come down?
After new year's eve.

What are you looking forward to most, this Christmas?
My son's first 'real' Christmas, where he knows everything that's going on and can really get into the whole magic/Santa thing. Celebrating with him at carols in the park. Decorating the tree with him. Watching him open presents. Helping him give presents to others. And trying to convince him to go to sleep the night before!!! :)


Thank you for your interest in my books. I like to think of my novels as 'books like brownies', comforting, delicious, a treat for the senses but with some chunky nuts to chew on. 

I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, with my husband, son and fourteen animals, including cats, dogs, horses and goats. The goats are hilarious and like to join me for a cup of tea and a piece of fruit cake, while the cats and dogs take turns keeping me company at the keyboard, and my horses give me incredible joy and much-needed exercise away from the computer. My husband is also quite hilarious and my son is of course the most enchanting creature to ever walk the earth.

I write books to bring joy to the world. And after working towards a publishing deal for twelve years, and stopping off in more jobs along the way than I can count, I am incredibly grateful to now have the career of my dreams. I don't feel I work any more at all. I just play. 

Writing makes me very happy indeed. 

Much love,

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