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~ Christmas Q&A ~

With Rebecca, Brunette Blog

What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas means time with my mum and the cats. No, I'm not turning into a crazy cat lady just yet! But definitely Christmas means happiness, letting go of all the worries the other 364 days of the year bring and lots of food! But Christmas this year means something different. It'll mean extended family, visiting Andy and his family. So that'll be new, apart from my mum I've never had 'family' to visit on Christmas Day. So I suppose Christmas means something new.

When does the Christmas excitement usually begin in your household?
So you mean it hasn’t already? haha. No but Christmas starts in three places for us. December 1st is when I’m allowed to play the songs. December 13th is when we put the Christmas Tree up 12 days before, but then around the 20th when mum finishes is work is when we start all the traditions. Such as watching the ‘big’ christmas films like National Lampoons and Christmas with the Kranks. 

In terms of present shopping, do you like to begin early and stay organised, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of shopper?
Begin early. Every time! Which after losing my job last month has been a god send this year! I hate the rushed crowds and people acting like the end of the world is neigh whilst reaching for the last Champneys Star Gift at Boots on Christmas Eve! MADNESS!

What's your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?
Erm…. Becca you mean person! It’s like choosing your favourite book or child! But if I had  to choose I’d definitely say mums turkey. It’s the main event right? And it’s just so good. For all those who say ‘turkey is dry’ you just can’t cook it. Sorry. *runs and hides*

Least favourite part?
I haven’t got one. Genuinely. I love veg lots and lots of veg the more the better! Sprouts, carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli you name it I love it! There isn’t a bad part to christmas dinner.

Ultimate favourite Christmas song?
Damn. I’d say definitely Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl it’s an amazing song. It’s not the happy, jingly song like Jingle Bells. But I love it. It’d definitely be that or Mistletoe and Wine… I love the classics I guess.

Favourite Christmas movie? 
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Every single time! Without question. It’s funny, in fact it’s not it’s down right bloody hilarious film. Which must be watched by everyone. It takes the best, funniest parts of a ‘good ole’ family christmas’ and puts the most festive hilarious twist on it. You really couldn’t write it. Well you could, because someone did but you get the picture! Nothing in the world tops Clark Griswald! 

Is Christmas usually a huge family affair for you, or a small gathering?
Small. Very small. Everyone knows from my blog I’m pretty open about the whole situation. My whole life my entire family consisted of me and my mum. So Christmas is a special time for us, even if its just us two. But like I said Christmas this year will mean an extension of my family, Andys family. 

Who does the cooking?
Both of us. I’m kinda crazy in the kitchen, I’m totally cool, calm and relaxed until someone comes in. But we compromise and cook together on christmas day with christmas songs on and some Bucks Fizz. NOM. 

What sits atop your Christmas tree?
A white glittery fluffy star. it’s nicer than it sounds. Honestly. Either that or the cat, she’s a climber. 

Do you decorate with precision or happy chaos? 
TINSEL GUN!!! No, I’m kidding. Mum wouldn’t let me have one :(
Mum puts the tree together and I arrange the branches (we have one of those artificial black ones). Then she puts the lights on because apparently it looks ‘pissed’ when I do them! Then we do the baubles together. It takes a lot of walking off, coming back, rearranging, and so forth until it’s just right. It’s my favourite bit. Then we have a light up Rudolph which goes in the front bedroom window, purely because my mum thinks it’s tacky and I think it’s funny. Mwahaha. 

Who does the washing up?
Mum. I use enough water to fill the back garden. I’m shocking. 

Favourite gift received?
Jeez. Erm… *brain hurts thinking* I’d definitely say books. My mum always bought me books for Christmas every year. I didn't always mind which to be honest I just loved books… But if I had to chose I’d say my Roald Dahl collection she bought me. I fell in love with those books and ended up seeing some live in Theatre. Good ole’ BFG. 

A Christmas reading recommendation?
I’m guessing the wine bottle doesn’t count? No? Didn’t think so…. I don’t know I have so many good Christmas books. If I had to choose it’d be Rebecca Raisin’s Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe every time. I loved that book! I guess I’m semi-sentimental about that book because reading that book gained me a few wonderful friends. Yourself included!! 

If Santa could grant you one wish this year, what would it be?
For those I care about to be healthy and happy. As much as a winning lottery ticket can make you happy. It can’t keep you healthy. Which is the aim game right?

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?
Well to be honest it borderlines on wether its still actually Christmas Eve when I wake up. When I was little I used to wake up in time for Barnie (5:30AM!) but the more I’ve grown up it’s about 7am when I bound my way through the house like a bull in a china shop followed by ‘ooops did I wake you, my bad’ mwahaha evil genius in the making!

Three favourite Christmas smells?
Mums homemade Mince Pies, my chocolate peppermint truffles, and Yankee Candles Christmas Cookie which I don’t think they’ve done this year! So basically… FOOOOOOD! 

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home? Did you enjoy it, or did you miss the familiar surroundings?
Nope, never have and I’m dreading the year I will do. But I guess we all have to grow up and fly the nest eventually. Me and Andy have vowed to visit both parents the first Christmas we’re away from home. Christmas is for those you love the most. 

Do you pile presents around the tree, or wait until Christmas Eve so they're there on Christmas morning?
As they’re wrapped I place them under my tree, but I generally don’t give them out till around the 20th depending when I’ll see the person next. Plus it’s like a fairground for the cats the more present go under. 

Has anything ever happened to you, to make you wonder if Christmas magic time really is magical?
Not exactly, but last year it was nice to see how many people put extra bits in their christmas shop to send to the food bank. Which really was lovely. This christmas vow to yourself you’ll stop, just stop and watch. Watch how people interact with each other, it’s somewhat happier. 

If you could spend Christmas anywhere, where would you spend it?
Where I spend it every year. At home with my family.  Thats where my heart is, so thats where I want to be. 

Cranberry sauce or not?
YEAH!!! Cranberries are Christmas! But we make our own. Loved doing that last year! The Christmas dinner tasted just that tiny bit better.

Mince pie or Christmas pudding?
Both? Haha. Christmas is FOOD. But after christmas dinner it’s christmas pudding and brandy sauce, both hot. NOM NOM NOM.

Any special Christmas traditions?
Every year after we put the christmas decorations up me and mum go on ‘the drive’ we drive for miles and look at all the christmas decoration. You know those mad ones? *que national lampoons moment* but all those over excessive ones? we have some mental ones around here so we go on a little drive we’re out for about 3 hours. It’s fab and I bloody love it. We’ve done it every year since I was very little!

How do you spend Boxing Day?
Shop-shop-SHOPPING! Boxing Day Sales!! I love them, I hate hustle and bustle of the mad christmas shopping but boxing day? I can survive that. 

When do the Christmas decorations come down?
NEVAAAAAAR! January 4th ish. Mum goes back to work pretty early on in the year, she works in school, so they come down in time for her to go back to work, or 12 days after depending which comes first. 

What are you looking forward to most, this Christmas?
Spending time with my mum as tradition, but finishing the day of with Andy and his family. It’ll be different, and very out of the norm but it’ll be nice to change things up a little bit.

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