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~ Christmases Gone By ~

By Lucy and Kelly, Sweet is Always in Style

We LOVE Christmas, like really love it! It's our favourite time of year, filled with our favourite things in life, yummy food, family time, Christmas movies and songs, Advent calendars and twinkling lights!! What's not to love, right?? Out of all these wonderful things, our favourite would have to be the family time. We are incredibly lucky to have such an awesome family and when we are home we always sit round the table to eat when our Dad comes home from work and we have our Nanna and Grandad round for lunch most Sundays, but there is just something special about that Christmas lunch, with all the decorations, the music and the warm, cozy Christmas vibes! Our brains are filled to the brim with many happy Christmas's gone by, so that is what we are going to share with you today! :) 

Christmas in Florida! 
This may seem like a funny one to start with as it was the first Christmas we had ever spent away from our Grandparents, it was just the 6 of us in Florida when we were, we want to say 7. We remember it so vividly though because we were staying in an apartment and the bedrooms were on different floors, well there was no way were sleeping on a different floor to our parents when a strange man was going to come down the chimney, even if he was delivering Christmas presents! We actually ended up moving apartments! We also remember this Christmas because it was the year we got our beloved Power Ranger annuals, that we still have to this day! We woke up on Christmas morning and sat together to open them, I (Kelly) even let our little sister open mine! It was a very family orientated Christmas, just the 6 of us. It was also our first trip to Disney World, where we got to see the Christmas parade! Very lucky indeed! :)

Christmas's at Nanna and Grandad's House!
These are quite possibly our favourite memories ever! Until maybe 13 years ago, we always went to Nanna and Grandad's house on Christmas day. The day started with us going to Church, opening a few presents round our tree at home, then walking or sledding (if we were lucky) round the corner to Nanna and Grandad's house! There we would be greeted with the dining room table full of plates ready to be taken into the back room, where a big table would be set for us all. These plates, in typical Italian fashion, were full of melon, prosciutto, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, olives, potatoes....and this was just our starter. After devouring what was on our plates, we would have a delicious main course of rosemary studded roast potatoes (to this day the smell of rosemary reminds me of Christmas and Nanna) Turkey, or Chicken or whatever Grandad had decided to cook, whatever it was it was always scrumptious and we sat gobbling up everything while pulling Christmas crackers, chatting, telling jokes and laughing with each other. Once our main course was over, it was time for an array of our favourite Italian cakes and chocolates, Baci anyone?? As well as a few Tangerines, now we can not smell a tangerine without thinking of Christmas! Does anyone else have smells or foods that just bring back a time, memory or you just think you should only have at a certain time of year? After all the delicious food was eaten, we would do one of two things, the four of us kids would go and watch James Bond in the front room, for some reason we always remember James Bond playing on Christmas day or we would put on little shows in the back room, while occasionally going back for more food!!! Nowadays we spend Christmas at our house but these childhood memories we will treasure forever! 

A special Christmas present for Nanna and Grandad!
Our Nanna and Grandad are the sweetest, they will literally be happy opening slippers and a bag of nuts on Christmas day and no matter how many years we have given our Grandad a bottle of wine or a bag of giant pasta, the look on his face is priceless. If you ever wanted to know where we get our excitement and love for food from, you wouldn't have to look very far! Well two years ago, we wanted to do something different, we wanted to think of the perfect gift that wasn't actually food or alcohol and we managed it! Granted it was related to food but still! We decided to make them a book, a cookbook to be precise of their recipes! We wrote stories to go with each recipe, added pictures of us cooking with them over the years and the first page was a letter thanking them for passing on their passion for food and teaching us valuable lessons in life a long the way! Unfortunately the Christmas we gave it to them Lucy wasn't able to be at home, but we still managed to skype with her while they opened it! Now here's the thing dear readers, our Grandad is a very smart man but even after 40 plus years of living in England he still has a strong Italian accent and sometimes we don't always know what he will understand, add to that the fact that his eye sight isn't that great anymore, we weren't sure if he would be able to read the opening letter, let a lone fully grasp the concept...oh ye of little faith. Not only did he read every word but he actually cried...that there ladies and gentlemen was the best Christmas present we could ask for! Not of course that we made our Grandad cry but the fact that he was reading our thanks, our love for them both and how much their recipes have stuck with us! It was all very emotional and still fills our hearts with happiness and love every time we think about it! Grandad loves showing the book to anyone that comes to his house because "I'm not telling you it's the right way of doing it girls but it's the way you should do it!!" haha we wouldn't change him for the world!!

Meeting Zachary Levi!
Can we just take a second to take in that heading!!!! MEETING ZACHARY LEVI!!!!!!!! :) Christmas 2013 was the first Christmas that I was to spend away from my family in England. Now although I was excited and blessed to get the chance to spend Christmas with my family in VA, it was the first time in 26 years that my Christmas routine would be changed and I have to admit that I was a little sad. Of course, once we arrived in VA from Louisville and I was actually surrounded by all my VA family, I was right at home and Christmas was awesome. I got to Skype with my family back home and although I missed them terribly I was grateful for everything. Now, because my sisters knew that I was sad about not getting to be with them, they put plans into action and were even more awesome and thoughtful and amazing than normal. They went above and beyond to book my husband and I into a New York Hotel, got us bus tickets and bought us tickets to see First Date on Broadway, which none other than the awesome Zachary Levi was starring in. They did all this back in the UK and I received emails while in the car travelling to Virginia, needless to say at first I was confused wondering what all the confirmation emails were for until my brain clicked and I freaked out!! :) The show itself, First Date, was absolutely awesome and it was crazy to think I was sat watching Zachary Levi perform live. After the show he came outside to sign autographs and take pictures with everyone, as he had been ill the day before and felt bad for people that had tickets the previous night, we did, but again my husband and sisters were awesome and got everything changed so we could see the play with Zach in it! :) I was able to get my picture taken with him and speak with him and the guy is just amazing and sweet and kind and it felt so incredibly surreal to be in New York at Christmas time stood talking to Zachary Levi!! Fairy tale of New York most definitely! :) You can read more about my adventure here!  I still can't thank my sisters enough for being so kind and making that whole adventure happen! :) 

So there you have it, a few of our most beloved Christmas memories! Let us know some of your favourite Christmas moments, we would love to read them! Thank you Becca for having us on your blog and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Lots of love,
Lucy and Kelly

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