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~ Christmas Reading Recommendations ~

With Sophie Hedley, Reviewed The Book

One of my favourite things about Christmas is snuggling up with a good book – after all, that’s the only way we’re going to see a proper white Christmas! Curling up with a big stack of books is all the more dreamy for me during the festive season and I’ve read some really memorable, gorgeous ones so I thought I’d share a few of my Christmas book recommendations with you all :)

First up is Every Time a Bell Rings by Carmel Harrington, which is one of my all-time favourite festive books. It is absolutely stunning. The structure of this book means that it’s not entirely set at Christmas but to me it is still the perfect festive read – with an emotional storyline and a positive and hopeful message throughout. Carmel’s inspiration for Every Time a Bell Rings was the brilliant Christmas movie It’s A Wonderful Life. Honestly, I enjoyed Carmel’s book even more.

My next recommendation is a completely different kind of book – Survival of the Christmas Spirit by Aimee Horton. This one is only a novella but in such a short amount of pages, it completely epitomises the hectic and crazy that is Christmas dinner! Set over two days, it crams in tons of festive goodness and it’s a genuinely laugh-out-loud funny book – absolutely mad but very believable too. Aimee’s books always cheer me up and that’s exactly what you want at Christmas, isn’t it?

Another Christmas book I completely fell for is Home for the Holidays by Ellen Faith. It’s extremely sweet and heart-warming and the Christmas theme is jammed pack throughout the pages, so easily injecting you with some Christmas spirit! The story is really beautiful and as well as having an utterly romantic couple of Lexi and Ryan, the focus on family and friendship was also written spot-on and typified what Christmas is all about – since spending merry time with family and friends is almost a must for the festive season! If that’s a terrifying prospect for you then I definitely recommend sneaking off to read Home for the Holidays… ;)

Sticking with the family-orientated Christmas books, my next recommendation is Christmas at the Cove by Rachel Brimble. It’s more of a wintery read than a full-blown Christmas read, more focused on the lead up to the big day rather than the day itself. So pick it up anytime during the snowy season and I can guarantee that the sizzling chemistry between main characters Carrie and Scott will be there to heat up those cold winter nights!

Family is obviously the thing I’m drawn to most in a Christmas book because my next two recommendations revolve around that theme too. Driving Home for Christmas by A.L. Michael really draws on how the festive season can make or break a family and in this case, we see the main character heading back to the place she used to live, attempting to re-connect with the family she’d gotten used to living without. I love an emotional story at Christmas and this one fit the bill for me! It’s beautifully written with a lovely group of characters and it made me appreciate my loved ones even more during the festive season.

Next is A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale – another Christmas book that swiftly became one of my very favourites for any season. If you’ve not read a Jenny Hale book before (why-ever not?) then all I can say is that you must, and this is a stunning one to start with. Jenny writes really heart-warming novels and this one brings us a main character in Carrie who is attempting to show a family she is a nanny for the true delights of Christmas. It’s a beautiful reminder of all those little things we take for granted at Christmas.

A Gingerbread Café Christmas by Rebecca Raisin is another book not to be missed – foodie treats and a gorgeous romance – what’s not to love? Rebecca writes the kind of books you just want to live in and you will leave this novel eager to spend Christmas time in the winter wonderland of Ashford. Friendship, delicious food and even a Christmas wedding too – this novel is sure to put a smile on your face.

Finally, when you’re sick of all the heart-warming and romantic festive reads (as if!) then I have one more recommendation which is definitely not of the sickly sweet kind! Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen is an excellent Christmas-themed thriller. It’s cold, it’s chilling, it’s edge-of-your-seat reading and it has one of those twists that I really had no clue was coming! A fantastic read.
So – those are my Christmas reading recommendations! There are tons more – I’m not sure how anyone is ever expected to keep up with all the festive releases – but the books above are just a few of my faves and for me are the perfect books to see you through the madness of Christmas.

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  1. Thank you for including me on your list, Sophie! Xo

  2. Fab choices Sophie! I'm very interested to read Dying for Christmas by Tammy Cohen - something a bit different to the usual festive tales :)