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~ Christmas Reading Recommendations ~

Ana, This Chick Reads

When lovely Becca sent me a list of topics I could write on for her Christmas feature, I honestly wanted to write about everything, from best/worst presents I’ve gotten over theyears (fair amount of both, must say), to how I spent Christmas with my family when I was a child. But at the end, I decided to give you, wonderful readers of Becca’s gorgeous blog, some Christmas book recommendations. Needless to say, I ADORE festive reads. There’s just something about them, something so magical, something which fills our hearts with hope and leaves us with a big smile on our face. I’ve read so many Christmas books throughout the years, especially during these last four years while I’m blogging. I can read Christmas books all year round, but they are essential for me from September to January. With Christmas being so close, there’s nothing like a good festive read to get you earlier in that festive, cheery mood. 

It would be very hard to pick only one book, as I have enjoyed quite a few Christmas reads, but high on my list is Sarah Morgan’s ‘Sleigh Bells in the Snow’, which is a favourite of mine.  Sarah is my go to author whenever I need a good, warm, romance story, and despite loving all of her books, ‘Sleigh Bells in the Snow’ holds a very special place in my heart. This year I’ve read some amazing books too, ones which I could whole heartedly recommend. ‘Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses’, ‘One Wish in Manhattan’ by Mandy Baggot and ‘Meet Me in Manhattan’ by Claudia Carroll are just a few I’d mention. I still have LOADS in my TBR pile, and I’m sure there are quite some good ones in there, as they’re all highly praised by my blogger friends. But for now, I definitely advise you to check these books I’ve mentioned, which I’m 100% positive you’ll love. Many thanks to lovely Becca for inviting me to her gorgeous blog, it sure feels good to be here. And of course, Merry Christmas, everyone! May Santa be good to you this year!

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