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With Helen J Rolfe

Christmas for me has changed a lot over the years. My earliest memories are of course in the Northern Hemisphere, but for fourteen years I had Christmas down under and I didn’t realise how different it was until we returned to the UK to live at the end of last year. And I didn’t know how much I’d missed it over here!

What I love about Christmas in the UK is how early it starts. As soon as the nip of cold starts in early to mid-November and it gets darker earlier, I feel so festive. The shops start stocking glittery, snow-dusted pieces to decorate the house, the heating at home goes on and we bring out all the Christmas movies and books we can lay our hands on. I’m quite strict though, I don’t watch anything until the very end of November or early December, but then it’s a free for all!

I love Christmas Eve the most. I think it’s the anticipation of the big day, the excitement even as an adult. This year I’ve already bought an enormous bottle of Baileys and some yummy ice-cream that I intend to enjoy while watching a movie…most likely Miracle on 34th Street or Polar Express, both favourites in our house, and when the kids go to bed I’ll watch The Holiday or read a Christmas novel.

On Christmas Day we are usually up very early with much excitement. We have carried forward the tradition from my mum’s side of the family so kids open Santa presents and stockings in the morning and then after lunch, we sit around the tree and open presents from family and friends. It means it’s spread out over the day and therefore so exciting. When we were younger my brothers and I would have to wash and dry up (no dishwasher in those days!) everything following Christmas lunch before we’d be allowed to do the afternoon present session…can’t wait until my own kids are old enough to do this!

When we were in Australia we always had the full roast dinner, no matter what the temperature… a couple of years ago it was a gorgeous, sunny day, so after turkey, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and lashings of gravy, we swam in the pool – slowly! – and then came inside for Christmas pudding. This year we’ll be snuggled up inside, maybe even have a fire.

Our Christmas Day would be extra perfect if it snowed! I would absolutely love a White Christmas.
Helen J Rolfe x

Helen J Rolfe writes contemporary women's fiction with an emphasis on relationships and love. She enjoys weaving stories about family, friendship, secrets, love, and people who face challenges and fight to overcome them. Helen enjoys creating strong female lead characters and although her stories often deal with serious issues, they always have a happy ending.

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