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~ Crafty Christmas Wrapping ~

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By Jane Linfoot

Christmas is a fab time to express your creative side, and present wrapping is an ideal excuse to get crafty... as if we need an excuse. So here are a few tips and ideas to inspire you to make your very own pretty. 

Right now, recycling is a big theme, and using bits and bobs that are lying around is always fun. Gather up bits of ribbon, wool, string, raffia, scraps of paper and fabric... Add in berries, dry leaves, and sprigs of evergreen from the park, or the street, or the garden... And off you go.

Bits of lace, scraps of fabric, scarves and hankies make original reusable wrapping. Left-over wallpaper also gives a great vintage feel to pressies, especially when they're in a pile, dressed up with different bows.

If you're into knitting, don't forget that wool is a fab way of making your parcels look pretty. Anyone remember making pompoms? They're fun and easy, kids love doing them too - all you need is cardboard, scissors, wool and google for instructions.

Newsprint is great for wrapping too, and it’s even more interesting if it’s from abroad. My fave ever print-wrapped present was done in the Times of India, but french and german prints are stylish too. But you don’t have to be exotic – the small ads from the local paper I’ve used here have plenty of quirky interest.
Sheet music also looks great, and old comics, like the Beano, are colourful, and a winner with the  guys. Don’t forget that crumpled tissue paper also works well, and plain old brown paper is great when you mix it with strips of wallpaper and bows.

The only thing to remember is, there are no rules, anything goes. And the only thing to watch out for is, that you might end up with a present that is so pretty, the person you’re giving it to won’t want to open it.

Happy Christmas xx

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