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~ Favourite Childhood Christmas Present ~

By Tanya Phillips

Thank you Rebecca for asking me to be part of your Christmas special on your blog.  I am lucky that I have always experienced great Christmas’ which are even better now that I have my own family and can experience all their excitement.  My husband and I have always done each other a stocking so our day always starts in bed with all four of us opening them.  Then we have our presents under the tree in the afternoon one by one, watching each other open the gifts.

I thought hard about what to choose as my subject to write about then I remembered my most memorable present as a child which really is two things as I couldn’t decide between each.  These gifts were made by my granddad.  He was always good at making things and when I was around 6 he made me a dolls house from scratch without any plans.  It had lights in it that worked and I loved kitting it out with all the furniture and dolls.  I played with it for hours.  Then the next year he made me a shop with an old fashioned counter and again little fairy lights that worked.  The funny thing is that he called it Tany’s shop instead of Tanya’s shop, as he never got my name right and he still doesn’t now.  I would spend hours playing with these two together.  I had little pieces of meat joints, cheeses and packaged items that I would display on the shelves behind the counter.  The dolls from the house would go and buy these items and take them back to their house to cook and serve.

My parents kept the doll’s house and the shop along with a castle that my granddad made for my brother in the attic and a few years ago my eldest daughter got given the doll’s house as a present and then the following year my youngest got given the shop.  I think it was just as much fun then kitting out the house and watching them play with it.  My youngest loves the shop as my grandparents put sweets and other little knickknack in there for her to sell.  It even had a purse full of change.  Lots of my friends children ask to play with these items when they visit.  I am not sure if it is the process of playing or the sweets that attract the children but it is fantastic watching them all play.  My girls have already agreed that these items are to be kept for their children to play with.  My nephew also loves the castle that my granddad made my brother when he was a young.

I wonder now what children would say was their favourite present? Is it something that uses their imagination or needs physical activity or just something they sit in front of?

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