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~ A Glam Christmas ~

By Nigel May

I’m dreaming of a glam Christmas….

To say I love Christmas is an understatement. I try not to become too excited about it until at least the middle of December but I’ll be honest, I usually start getting into a very festive flow around about the end of November. I can’t help it. It’s seeing the twinkling Christmas lights hanging in the streets and the warm, cozy glow coming from people’s front rooms who have already erected their Christmas trees when you drive past their houses.
 I am a great believer that there are certain things that make a perfectly glam Christmas for me. Of course family and friends go without saying – the more people to pull crackers with and share nibbles with then the better. But it’s the little things that I really look forward to every year that always mean that the festive season is in full swing.
 Heading out to the garage to grab the decorations for the tree is always the first thing on my list. This will normally be the 1st of December as I feel that as soon as the first door on the advent calendar is open and the delicious chocolate is consumed then it’s fair play to erect the tree. I am in charge of decoration and love throwing as much twinkly stuff at it as possible. I know some people tend to change their colour schemes every year and rotate their baubles as it were, but not me. I buy more if I like them and then add them to the existing ones. I am sure that one year our tree will just buckle over and say ‘enough is enough’ and collapse under the weight of all that bling. I do love my tree to be as glamorous as my novels so I decorate it with glittery picture frames containing photos of my favourite actresses. Is that weird? They’re my little Christmas divas! The more glitter, shine and sparkle the better.

 I adore Christmas dinner and could quite happily sit all Christmas Day (and for many days afterwards) grazing on the turkey, ham and/or goose that we have. It has to be with all the trimmings! I am not the chef in the family so while the other half cooks up a treat to feed an army I tend to busy myself popping corks and cracking on with the fizz. No festivities are complete without a bottle or three of something fizzy – and that’s normally before we’ve unwrapped presents or even changed out of our pyjamas (how non-glam is that!).
 Christmas music is essential and I am a massive fan of the retro Phil Spector Christmas album and also Kylie’s Christmas offering. You’ll normally find me swaying around to something jingly by midday! And as for the Christmas viewing. Well, it may not be ultra-glam but the best Christmas film ever has to be The Muppets Christmas Carol. The glam bit is us all watching it with our Christmas hats on!

 Here’s wishing you all a very merry and fabulously sparkly Christmas. Be safe, be happy, be glam! Love Nigel x

Nigel May has been described as "the UK's male Jackie Collins" and is an author, TV host and journalist. His three fiction novels have all been published by Bookouture.
His first glam fiction novel was TRINITY, an action-packed blockbuster (or bonkbuster) about the lives of the rich and famous. Glamour, beauty, fame and celebrity mix with murder, intrigue and danger to create an explosive novel which gained incredible reviews and fans across the globe. His follow-up was the glitz-meets-grit whodunit ADDICTED which was also a huge success and once again dived into the diamond-dipped world of the mega-rich but showed that all of the money and fame in the world do not always make for a happy ending. His third novel SCANDALOUS LIES is steeped in secrets, sin, sex and scandal and takes readers around the world as a mysterious celebrity disappearance is investigated. His books have been Amazon best sellers, read by celebrities and fellow authors alike, and have proved that a man can successfully write in a 'bonkbuster world' that has always been a strongly female domain. 
As a writer he has written for many of the UK's most successful magazines and newspapers, specialising in showbiz and celebrity, as well as writing on subjects ranging from relationships through to exotic travel. 

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