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~ My Christmas Wish ~

By Teresa Driscoll

My Christmas wish? Er…same as last year, please

I have caused a bit of a stir in the hairdressers over writing this little festive piece!

I am your veritable Mrs Christmas. I love every, single thing about the whole season from the first baking to the final wrapping over a glass of bubbly late on Christmas Eve. But I realised something chatting away about this (over a trim and blow dry) – namely that what I really, really want for Christmas is… to keep everything exactly the same.
The lovely assistant who did my shampoo surprised me by saying that she, in contrast, likes to mix things up. To try different food. Quite fancies Christmas at a hotel, in fact. My stylist says she too is ringing the changes this year- trying Christmas lunch out for the first time. And I am thinking…….nooooo!

In steps a colleague in the salon who says she does exactly the same thing with her family every single year. Early walk. Cinnamon twirls and bucks fizz. Late lunch….
At last I breathe a sigh of relief. For this is my script for  Christmas. The soundtrack on loop, please. The same rhythm. For me it is about taking out the very same decorations my children made when they were tiny and hanging them on the same silver-sprayed twigs in the same glass vase.
It is about making my own mincemeat (to the same Delia Smith recipe, of course) and Christmas cake…even if we are still eating the latter at Easter. The same bickering over getting the Christmas tree to stand up straight in the window alcove. The same, ahem, debate, over whether there are too few or too many lights.

Why so wedded to these echoes, I now wonder? I think it was growing up in an army family. We moved every two years or so when I was a child– celebrating Christmas in more homes than I can possibly remember. Somehow we managed to anchor the festive celebrations; to make them feel solid and similar and “ours” by bringing out all the same props. The same crib. The same fading decorations from the same cardboard box marked “Christmas”.
And so I have continued this, especially cherishing living in my ancient Devon cottage for more than two decades – creating familiar Christmas memories and echoes for my own children, year on year.
My elder son is in the final year of university and I know that he is looking forward to coming home….knowing exactly what to expect.
No surprise perhaps that food and very special family memories and bonds feature so strongly in my debut novel.

So – back to the hairdressers where we are laughing over the mixed opinions and my stylist is wondering  what I would like done with the hair?
Er. Same as usual, thanks….

Have a wonderful Christmas – Rebecca and all!
Teresa xxx

Teresa Driscoll is a journalist and author with 25 years' experience across newspapers, magazines and television. After training as a newspaper reporter, she joined Thames TV for five years before 15 years as the anchor of the BBC's south west regional TV news programme Spotlight.
Teresa's debut novel RECIPES FOR MELISSA was auctioned at the Frankfurt book fair between seven German publishers and has since sold in seven countries. As well as the UK and Germany, it will be published in Brazil, Israel, the Czech Republic, Korea and Portugal.
Teresa blogs regularly about her "writing life" at her website - She lives in glorious Devon with her husband and two sons.

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