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~ My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Movies ~

By Laura Hazley

You’d be surprised how long it took me to decide my top 5 favourite Christmas movies. I just love them so much! Ultimately, this is what I came up with:

Elf – Let’s be honest, where can you go wrong with this movie? You can’t. It’s everything you need to get into the Christmas spirit! A human ‘elf’ that makes his way to the magical New York City. Watching him discover everything that we know as ‘normal’ is absolutely hilarious. Seriously. Also, does anyone else get the urge to try that spaghetti and candy meal? No? Just me?

  Home Alone – Being alone on Christmas would appear as horrific for me, but not to Kevin. This movie is just perfect. I love the adventure, as well as the concept and portrayal of family. And the best thing about the Home Alone series, is that when you finish the first movie - you realise there’s 3 more. Bring me more hot chocolate and blankets, I’ve got a movie marathon on my hands!

The Polar Express – If you like a movie that brings on the tears, then you’ll love this for Christmas. Not only does it bring excitement, but it makes you feel like a child again when you were 100 per cent sure that you heard Santa on the roof during the night. There’s a very emotional aspect to this movie, and as someone that is generally emotional, I love it. This movie just seems to warm your heart and make you feel all fuzzy inside.

The Grinch – A classic Christmas movie that I’m sure everyone has seen, if not heard of. What’s not to love about a green, furry man that hates Christmas? Ah, yes, those long wool-like fingers. *shivers* The overall storyline of this movie is great, and I adore how it portrays the importance of family at that time of year.

The Santa Clause – I. Love. This. Movie. This was the first Christmas movie that I remember watching and I think that’s why I adore it so much. The idea of knowing what Santa Clause does on Christmas Eve and how he came to be, gives a sense of overwhelming excitement to the children that watch this movie. Not gonna lie, I do watch this film and pretend that he is actually Santa, and that’s how it all works. It is guys, don’t tell me it isn’t true!

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