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~ Our Christmas ~

By Pat Elliot

What's Christmas like in your house? I was asked.
The answer is, all Ps... and a few Fs and Bs!

The Ps are Pat, Paul, Paddy - and presents!
The Fs and Bs come later...

I adore Christmas and it starts at Midnight, with Mass. 
Come back to our house, you'll notice a smell... usually it's Frankincense.
I use aromatherapy oils to perfume the house and Frankincense at Christmas is my favourite. Closely followed by orange.

There is always a tree, decorated in red and gold; which has a fairy/angel at the top. Lights twinkle and sparkle on it all day long. Tealights in ceramic Christmas themed holders shine brightly. Cards are hung on ribbons, three stockings hang on the fireplace - we'll have to rethink that this year, we've moved house and there's no fire!
Breakfast is always coffee and a croissant and presents are never opened until after Paddy has had his walkies.

The Fs which wait in the wings are our favourite films. We will watch one before lunch, maybe It's a Wonderful Life, or maybe The Muppets Christmas Carol... and later, after lunch, Love Actually, or Scrooged.

We set the whole table - which seats six - and dress it for a splendid Christmas. Red and gold serviettes, table runner, candles, crackers. Sometimes it is simply we two who sit for dinner, some years we have friends,.. but we like the feeling and magic of Christmas. In our hearts it's always magical, whether there be one other or ten others. We have a traditional dinner, but instead of buying a whole turkey, we buy a crown. I am also the person brussel sprouts were made for - I love em'!

We'll walk again after lunch, we play with presents when we return - because our presents to each other are always creativity related. Then it's film two, together with some little snacks that I'd have made the day before... and probably that'll be a festive scone, baked with cinnamon, or tiny cranberry, cheese and onion tarts.

Our Bs are board games! Ticket to Ride, Jacksopoly and Priests of Ra being our favourites. They'll be played into the evening. 

Whatever we fancy doing, that's what we do. When we have guests, we do what they fancy - after all, we want them to feel at home and have a wonderful time. The only non negotiable is walking Paddy. Which is probably a good thing, or we'd be sleeping after lunch!

Boxing Day, we always invite the neighbours in, between two and four p.m. I make cheese scones and various large cookies. Tea, coffee and cold drinks are plentiful.  

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  1. Awwww, so many fantastic traditions! This is the most festive book blog ever, and this was a great post. I wish I could talk my family into more board games XD