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~ Our Christmas ~

By The Book Review Cafe

My Christmas Day starts about 4.00am, I'm  sure you are now all thinking  "aww up with the children", but no it's just me and the hubby! I just get so excited, in fact the week prior to Christmas I'm up at the crack of dawn, as I just can't sleep with the excitement of the festive season approaching! And "yes" family and friends think I'm mad. We stumble down the stairs bleary eyed check the presents are still in there rightful places, and then put on a strong pot of coffee....knowing its going to be a long day!

So to the tunes of Phil Spector's Christmas CD, we dig into the present opening ceremony, our "old boy" a Jack Russell aged 13 opens his first, with a lot of sniffing, chewing and ripping he then  settles down to eat his way through the bone the size of a dinosaurs front leg!  Once the presents are all opened, and we've had the oooohs and aaaaahs, it's  time for another cup of coffee, this time  with the obligatory tin of shortbread that's be stashed away. Once we have ate our weight in shortbread it's time to think about getting ready for work, yes you read that right, for the last 20 years I've worked Christmas Day! I work on a unit for people with mental health conditions, and now if I weren't to work on Christmas Day, it would feel like I was missing something.  

So I don my Christmas outfit, one year I was an elf, another a Christmas tree ...... You get the picture, and I'm ready to go with my travel cup of coffee. Once in work everyone is in the festive mood, amid the "merry Christmases" we help the patients get ready for the day ahead. So many of the patients haven't got family or have no contact with family, so we make sure they have presents to open, and the unit is looking as Christmassy as possible. Once Breakfast is served and they are ready to start the day, present ceremony begins. Once that's done we do all the usual Chrismassy things that you would do at home, passing the tin of chocolates around after breakfast, Christmas Carol services, arguments over what to watch on the TV,  and of course the Big Christmas dinner. My Christmas dinner is still along way off so I usually make do with another coffee and a bacon sandwich if I'm lucky. By the time dinner is finished its time for me to go home and enjoy the rest of my Christmas. 

Once home we usually have another round of present opening, as my 24 year old son has come home in time for me finishing work.  After another cup of coffee (yes I'm an addict!) a shower and changing into my next Christmas outfit, the theme is "Christmas Jumpers" this year, and I'm determined to get an all flashing/dancing/musical one. Then we go to my sisters who lives a couple of doors down, which is very handy when you have bags of presents and spare chairs for the dinner table!  Bless my sister and her partner they have cooked Christmas dinner every year for all of us as long as I can't remember. I admit I have been married 27 years and in all those years I've only cooked Christmas dinner once (and long may it last). With 11 adults and my two small nephews it's mayhem,  but we wouldn't have it any other way. After a round of present opening, Christmas dinner, chocolate sharing, Christmas cake eating and a few glasses of the sparkling stuff I'm ready for my bed. Boxing days on the horizon and we have a day long party for at least 30 family and friends at home and yes I do the cooking for it! (Well with the help of my darling hubby). So if you happen to be up and about Christmas morning at 4.00am this year, feel free to tweet me. 

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