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~ Three Christmas Wishes ~

By Sophie Pembroke

When Becca sent out ideas for Christmas posts, I jumped at the chance to write about my top three Christmas wishes. And, in fact, I’d half written it before the recent atrocities in Paris that shook our world. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s hard to predict what else might have happened or changed by the time this post goes live.

I’m not going to dwell here (it’s kind of bad form to steal someone’s blog and lecture people) but it did change the direction of my thoughts on this post. Which is why you get two posts for the price of one! (i.e. Free.)

So, my original Christmas wishes were: 
1.  A Full Night’s Sleep. Like 10pm to 8am. I have a five month old baby boy. This wish would feel like an honest-to-God Christmas miracle right now.
2.  A White Christmas. My almost-seven year old daughter is still supremely miffed that we didn’t get any snow at all last winter. (Full disclaimer: I can’t actually remember. I’m ancient enough now that the winters are sort of merging into one. But she is adamant that we were snowless.) A snowy Christmas this year would go an awful long way to making her very happy indeed.
3.  A Peaceful Journey Home. I would really, really like for my kids to sleep in the car on the way to Wales. It’s three and a half hours drive minimum home for Christmas, not including stops for food, toilet breaks, nappy changes, milk feeds and fuel. The baby has recently taken to screaming at the top of his lungs whenever we put him in the car seat. For hours. You’d think he’d wear himself out, but apparently not. So yeah. Sleep would be good.

While all those wishes are still totally valid and true (especially the ones about sleep) recent events set me on a path to making new wishes - this time for my children instead of about them.

So, here are my top three (revised) Christmas wishes:
 1.  Tolerance. I wish for my kids to understand that we’re all individuals, all worthy of love and respect regardless of our differences. In a climate of fear it’s too easy to lump people together, to breed mistrust instead of celebrating the things that make everyone unique. I want my children to get to know people not stereotypes. I want them to build friendships and relationships across barriers of race, religion, family, upbringing, wealth and anything else that stands between us.
2.  Love. I wish for my kids to be loved, of course (and they are, by many, many people) but equally importantly, I want them to give love. I want them to love widely, freely and honestly. Because love and kindness are what we need most in the world right now.
3.  Hope. More than anything, I wish my children hope for the future. I want them to believe in a joyful, peaceful future for us all. And then I want them to go out there and live it.

So, what are your three wishes this Christmas – fun or serious?
Sophie Pembroke writes very British romance for Mills & Boon / Harlequin Romance, Carina UK and Harper Impulse. She’s been nominated for a number of awards, and is starting to get an ‘always the bridesmaid’ feeling about them, so plans to be the bridesmaid who runs off the with the best man.

Born in Abu Dhabi, Sophie grew up in Wales and now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two children. She blogs about books, writing, and her home and family at

In Sophie’s world, happy is for ever after, everything stops for tea, and there’s always time for one more page.

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  1. Lovely post, Sophie! I hope you are granted at least one of your original 3 wishes, and all of your second set.

  2. Lovely post, Sophie! I hope you are granted at least one of your original 3 wishes, and all of your second set.

  3. Awww! What a Mom! You are great to realize the difference between what you want and what you need...and give so much of your energy into being the tolerant, loving, peaceful mom your kids need! Inspiring! Also, as a gal in the good ol' USA I find it fantastically amusing that people in the UK think anywhere else in the UK is far away. 12 hours drive home to my folks this year... (although, admittedly, I will not have any kind of child with me, and it will be supremely peaceful) Merry Christmas!