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~ Three Christmas Wishes ~

By Lisa Dickenson

I know it’s an obvious one, but with the recent terrorist attacks, the wars, the refugees desperately seeking shelter and gun violence on the rise I just… well, there are no words.  I wish it would all stop and people realised that everyone is human, everyone just wants to live their life and love their loved ones, and terror and pain will never win, they just make your own back yard a horrible place to live.

The end of inequality.  
Why the fudge does anyone in the world still think some gay couple they don’t even know shouldn’t get married?  What makes them think they even should get a say in it!  Chuff off!  Why do people think it’s okay to pay women less?  Or to tell women what to do with their bodies?  GET OUT OF OUR VAGINAS.  Why do people fear people of different skin colours?  It’s a SKIN COLOUR.  ARE YOU MENTAL??  “Oh, your jumper is pink and I only like blue jumpers waaaahhhhh you can’t sit near me.”  Shut up.  So I wish we’d all just grow up, as a world, and remember it’s nearly 2016.

I wish for my books to do really well and not get any bad reviews and for them to make everyone happy and for them all to be turned into movies with soundtracks by Beyoncé.  Well, I had to lighten the mood a bit, didn’t I?  

Merry Christmas all, love and light and sequins being lobbed in your direction :) 

Lisa Dickenson was born in the wrong body. She was definitely meant to be Beyoncé. Despite this hardship, she grew up in Devon attempting to write her own, completely copyright-infringing versions of Sweet Valley High, before giving Wales a go for university, and then London a go for the celeb-spotting potential. She's now back in Devon, living beside the seaside with her husband and forcing cream teas down the mouths of anyone who'll visit. She is sadly still not Beyonce.

Lisa's first novel, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, won the Novelicious Debut of the Year award. Her second novel, You Had Me at Merlot, was also an instant hit with readers who were won over by her wit, charm and naughty sense of humour.

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