Christmas on Becca's Books | Three Christmas Wishes with Emma, Books and Boardies

~ Three Christmas Wishes ~

With Emma, Books and Boardies

1. I have a career that I have dreamed of since I was 18, I have always shied away from really putting myself out there and going for it as I thought I lacked the ability. I keep being told my friends and family recently that I need to start believing in myself in whatever I set my mind to, and that I am worth a lot more than I settle for. So with that in mind, Christmas wish one is that I hope I can finally start the application for my dream job in 2016!

2. One hope or wish I have for Christmas this year is that I can make it great for someone else. I am lucky that I have a fantastic family and good friends, not all of them live close but regardless of where they are in the world I know that I’m loved by them and I love them equally in return. But one thing I am thankful for is that I have the opportunity to do little things to make people less fortunate than myself happy. This year like last year I am joining in with my work colleague’s to buy gifts for children who are living in a local women’s shelter in my city. These children aren’t as lucky as me and my friends, or possibly many of you reading this that had a great start in life and a wonderful supportive network around us. Some of them have had a tough start in life and some of them are growing up through their teenage years in a place they’d never have chosen. My hope is that even with a small gesture like a Christmas gift that me and my colleagues can brighten these children’s day and bring a smile to their faces. I hope that even a small gift can let these children know that there is hope and that there are people out there who love them, even if because of their situations we might not be able to physically share Christmas with them.

    3. Peace on earth is something that as much as we all wish for it not only at Christmas but at anytime of the year is unlikely to be something that I see in my lifetime. However one thing that would make an amazing Christmas wish come true is if we could all  be just a little kinder. I know that I’m far from perfect in this regard, especially when it comes to judging others, or maybe saying something in anger that I should have kept to myself. But what I am learning more the older I get that being kind is something to proud of, it doesn’t make you weak to offer to help someone, or to feel compassion for someone who’s hurting. That’s a show of strength and one that I try to show every day. It doesn’t have to be something big or showy but if you love that woman’s coat in Starbucks tell her, I guarantee it’ll make her smile. If you see someone struggling to get on the bus with their pushchair but you’re in a rush take a minute to help out, it won’t cost you much but it will brighten that person’s day. 

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