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~ Top 3 Christmas Movies ~

By Katey Lovell

3.  Home Alone
I love this film, and although I expect most people reading this will have seen Home Alone (probably multiple times!) I had to include it in my favourite festive films.  Cute yet wily Kevin McAllister foiling dimwitted Marv and Harry with an array of homemade weapons and booby traps – it’s slapstick humour at its best.  25 years old this year (which makes me feel ANCIENT), this is a fabulous comedy which never fails to make me smile.  My son Zachary is a big fan too!

2.  Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York
Home Alone 2 is superior to the first film in the franchise, partly because it’s set in the wonderful city of New York!  Kevin McAllister is once more alone at Christmas after losing his family at the airport.  Arriving in New York City, he manages to check into the lavish Plaza hotel before running into Harry and Marv who plan to steal the takings from toystore Duncan’s Toy Chest.  Kevin takes it upon himself to save the day and causes chaos against the glorious Manhattan backdrop.  Friendship and family are at the heart of this one, but it’s also full of fun.
Watching this film as a pre-teen was what made me determined to go to NYC and see the giant Christmas tree at Rock Center – I finally did this in 2005 when my husband David and I spent our honeymoon exploring the city.  It lived up to expectations.

1.  Love Actually
This is not only my favourite festive film, but it’s one of my favourite films fullstop.  The tangled lives of a cross-section of Londoners in the run-up to Christmas makes me smile, cry and laugh and fills me with all the festive warm and fuzzies.  It has a fantastic cast and a wonderful soundtrack to boot. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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