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~ Top 5 Christmas Films ~

By Holly, The Arts Shelf

Many people might disagree with me here but these are the films I love watching over December, and without which it doesn't actually feel like Christmas.
1- The Santa Clause.
No Christmas would be complete without this childhood classic, which never fails to make me laugh, cry and truly feel the Christmas magic. Just listening to The Bells of Christmas from the soundtrack makes me tear up. It's perfect.
2- Prancer Returns.
Although this film is incredibly cheesy, it doesn't feel like Christmas unless I've seen it at least once. It really just captures the spirit of Christmas and warms my heart every time. 'If you believe...'
3- The Nightmare Before Christmas.
A fun, fantastical watch that's great for both Halloween and Christmas. With fabulous songs that will get stuck in your head, it's perfect for the whole family!
4- Scrooged.
This is one of my mum and dad's favourites that I've really grown to love with Bill Murray being fantastic as always. Funny and quirky it's my perfect Christmas Eve film.
5- The Muppets Christmas Carol.
What better way to end Christmas day than with the Muppets? I used to watch this film constantly as a kid, and its a staple in our house for after Christmas dinner. After all, it is 'the season to be happy and joyous!'
There are others I could mention, especially with my love of the seasonal Christmas 24 channel, but these are the five that I just have to watch without fail.
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