Follow Me by Angela Clarke

Title - Follow Me
Author - Angela Clarke
Publication Date - December 3rd (December 31st - Paperback)
Publisher - Avon
Format - Kindle Edition (Provided via NetGalley)
Pages - 326


The 'Hashtag Murderer' posts chilling cryptic clues online, pointing to their next target. Taunting the police. Enthralling the press. Capturing the public's imagination.

But this is no virtual threat.

As the number of his followers rises, so does the body count.

Eight years ago two young girls did something unforgivable. Now ambitious police officer Nasreen and investigative journalist Freddie are throw together again in a desperate struggle to catch this cunning, fame crazed killer. But can they stay one step ahead of him? And can they escape their own past?

Time's running out. Everyone is following the #Murderer. But what if he is following you?
Online, no one can hear you scream.

Adrenaline-spiking. Paranoia-inducing. A wild & electric take on today's social-media ruled generation.

Well, I suppose I should be honest and say that it was my own love of social media that drew me to this book originally, swiftly followed by the strikingly bold cover and the absolutely superb promotional packages which I, alongside many other bloggers, received from Avon. Plus, just recently I've been tip-toeing cautiously away from my usual choices of genre and finding myself pulled towards the gritty and the action-packed. So, Follow Me by Angela Clarke looked to be right up my bookish street, and I really couldn't wait to begin.

In a nutshell, Follow Me by Angela Clarke takes readers on a wild and electric race against time as characters, Nasreen and Freddie, try to pin down the 'Hashtag Murderer', using the clues given to them via #Murderer's social media account. I absolutely loved the fact that social media was given such a high role within this novel, because let's face it, it plays a huge role in today's society. Angela's use of this within Follow Me certainly gave the plot a fresh and unique twist which appealed to me greatly. Added to this, the plot was fast-paced and punchy, only slowing down during those pinnacle moments where I felt I needed to pay attention, adding an almost unbearable amount of tension.

Angela's characters within Follow Me were an interesting group of people. There was an eclectic mix of personalities, but Freddie and Nasreen were who the reader spent the majority of time with. Angela cleverly switched the third person narrative between Nasreen and Freddie, allowing me a brilliant insight into both women. I was made aware of a strange sort of atmosphere between Nasreen and Freddie pretty much from the moment they met each other again, after eight years spent apart. Angela peppered the novel with hints towards something tragic that had happened in the girls' joint past, and I became intruigued as to what exactly had gone on. Repeatedly, it was brought to my attention that both women had gone their separate ways for a specific reason, and I was desperate to find out what that reason was. This secret taunted me throughout the entirety of the novel, adding mystery to an already cryptic plot. I thoroughly enjoyed being beside Freddie and Nasreen as they tried to crack the case of the #Murderer, alongside the rest of their team. It was exciting, full of red-herrings and twists and turns, and certainly capable of making you wonder about the perils of social media...

Another aspect of Follow Me by Angela Clarke that I absolutely LOVED was, at the beginning of each chapter, Angela provided the reader with an update of the killer's social media following and follower status. As I made progress, the amount of people following the murderer's account gradually increased, and I, like Freddie and Nasreen, began to grow increasingly panicked as the number continued to rise. But what worried me the most was that, while the killer's 'followers' increased, who the killer was 'following', didn't. I was waiting, each time I arrived at a new chapter, for the killer to follow another person. It was excruciating, to say the least, but made for such a BRILLIANT read, I didn't mind in the slightest.

I really do think that Angela Clarke has written a fantastic novel here. It was gripping, nerve-racking, and at times, unbearable! A seriously cracking read, incorporating popular themes from today's society and using those to her advantage, I really would recommend Follow Me by Angela Clarke to any social-media addicts out there, any thrill-readers, and anyone who just loves a gripping novel that will have you flying through the pages all the way to the very end.

Becca's Books is awarding Follow Me by Angela Clarke with FIVE GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! If Angela continues in this way, I can see myself becoming a firm fan. I loved it.



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