Sealed with a Kiss by Rachael Lucas

Title - Sealed with a Kiss
Author - Rachael Lucas
Publication Date - May 8th 2014
Publisher - Pan
Format - Kindle Edition (Self-purchased)
Pages - 353

Being dumped by the world's most boring boyfriend wasn't exactly on Kate's To Do list, but at least it's a wake-up call. Jobless and now homeless and boyfriendless too, she needs a new start. Or just anything to avoid moving back in with her mother.

And taking a job as a Girl Friday on a remote Scottish island is definitely something new. Auchenmor is the perfect place to escape to: friendly locals, gorgeous scenery - and an even more gorgeous bagpipe player called Finn. Her new boss Roddy (the Laird, no less) might be as chatty as one of Auchenmor's native seals, but Kate can see there's a softer side beneath his prickly demeanour.

When Roddy's demanding ex suddenly reappears, she'll do anything to keep Kate and her boss apart. Just what is Fiona up to? Island life has no room for secrets...

Sealed with a Kiss by Rachael Lucas was an absolutely gorgeous read! This book had been sat on my Kindle waiting for me to finally reach it for an absolute ageeeeee, so when I finally did, I dived in with much enthusiasm. Since reading Coming Up Roses by this author, I'd been dying to sink my teeth into something more, so rather than waiting for her upcoming novel, Sealed with a Kiss became the perfect alternative. I fell in love with the cover at first sight, even more so with the blurb, and couldn't wait to see what the author had in store for me.

I think, at some point in our lives, we've all been in Rachael's heroine's shoes. Kate knows she needs a fresh start, away from everything that's gone before, and so when she spots the advertisement in a magazine for the position as 'Girl Friday', complete with serviced cottage, on a country estate in Scotland, she jumps at the chance to break free and begin afresh. I loved Kate almost immediately. I found her courage to leave and find something new and exciting in life encouraging as well as admirable, and after I'd read about her experiences in her relationship with her boyfriend, I wanted her to get away too. It was obvious that she needed something more from life, which is never a bad thing in my eyes. Once I knew that Kate was going to indeed take the job, I couldn't wait to see where her adventures would take her.

Rachael's setting of the Scottish island, Auchenmor, provided a wondrous backdrop for Kate's story to unravel in. The hills and mountains only heightened the sense of seclusion for me, and I had a perfect image of the area in my mind right the way through my reading of this novel. Alongside the sea and the seals, which came into the book later, it really was like an island get-away, and I would have loved nothing more than to have joined Kate as she began to settle in and be introduced to her new neighbours. I really enjoyed reading as Kate began to find her way, alongside new-found friendships and attractions, and started to feel at home on the island, a sense of wanting to belong following her character right the way through. The other characters of the island were a wonderful and quirky mish-mash who heightened the sense of new beginnings and friendships, and allowed smaller secondary stories within Kate's to take place. There was always something going on within this novel, always something to look forward to or think about. With chemistry and clashing personalities added into the mix (mainly from the Lord of the Manor, Roderick), this was a brilliantly written novel that had me in giggles and smiles. Light-hearted, engaging and fun, with some tender moments written in too, this was the perfect escape for me!

Becca's Books is awarding Sealed with a Kiss by Rachael Lucas with FOUR GORGEOUS CUPCAKES! I adore Rachael's writing style, sense of humour and instantly likeable characters, and really can't wait for her next offering for readers. Her style is warm and witty, cosy and sweet, and has left me feeling like I'm capable of anything, just like Kate. Thank you for such a wonderful story, Rachael. I loved it!


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