The Torn Up Marriage by Caroline Roberts

Title - The Torn Up Marriage
Author - Caroline Roberts
Publication Date - March 5th 2015
Publisher - HarperImpulse
Format - Kindle Edition
Pages - 342

A memory: golden-tipped sand dunes, early June heat waves blurring the Northumberland coastline. Michael racing towards the shore, Emily on his shoulders, their laughter ringing out against the crash of the rolling waves. A family together.

Two years later, and the landscape of Kate's marriage has changed irrevocably. When Michael came home one evening and dealt the the fateful blow to their marriage, neither could have imagined the heart-wrenching journey stretching before them. Her happy home with Michael and their two beautiful girls has been washed away like footprints in the sand.

As he tries to build a new home from home, Michael's about to learn just how precious his family is. Kate's left dealing with the consequences but can you ever forgive such a betrayal? And when your marriage is torn apart, all hope hanging by a thread, what will it take to stitch it back together?

There are so many words fluttering about in my mind, words to describe this novel with, it's hard for me to choose just one. Painful. Raw. Agonising. Heartbreaking. But then at the other end of the spectrum, hopeful, promising and golden-centred. The Torn Up Marriage by Caroline Roberts was a stunning dissection of a break-down of a previously sturdily-built marriage. Not shy of the uncomfortable, the story of Kate, Michael, and their beautiful daughters was a powerful one, displaying to it's readers how deep, painful and gutting a betrayal within a marriage can be.

I was involved within Kate and Michael's story from the get-go. Punchy and unwavering, the focus on marriage and intimacy within this book absolutely took my breath away. From beginning to end, I was completely immersed within the new circumstances Kate had somehow managed to find herself in. Reading, I felt the tone of Caroline Roberts' writing was almost overwhelming but at the same time, I couldn't bear to look away. Every single line of Kate's thoughts and dialogue hit the spot perfectly, displaying her distraught, heartbroken emotions as clear as day. There were moments where I felt that it was almost too painful to read, and couldn't even imagine being in Kate's shoes. Flashbacks to a once-perfect past only intensified this hopeless feeling and I couldn't really believe that things had turned out in the way they had. Written in three separate parts, Caroline Roberts truly does take her reader on a journey through every single emotion that is available to her as the author. From disbelief to sadness, heartbreak and denial, it was a memorable journey I won't be forgetting in a hurry.

Adding in the factors of children, friendship and family, not only does Caroline have her reader hoping and praying for the best outcome, but she had me guessing right until the very last page too. I was never quite sure of whether I'd be handed the happy ending or the separation. I won't say which as I wouldn't want to spoil it for any other potential readers out there, but the fact that I really couldn't have guessed made this novel all the more exciting for me. Not only are we handed a displaced jigsaw puzzle of a marriage, but we're witness to the lasting effect of what something so devastating can do to a previously happy unit of four. From chapter and chapter, Caroline Roberts tugged me further and deeper into this novel, so much so that I felt I was only able to come up for air once I'd turned the final page.

Another aspect of The Torn Up Marriage I loved was the switching of the narrative. Not only is the reader able to hear Kate's side of the story, but the author provides us with Michael's too, allowing an insight into both Kate and Michael's innermost thoughts. Being privy to each character's most secret thoughts provided a more intimacy to this novel, and there were times where I felt I was going behind Kate's back as Michael's reasoning behind what he did began to surface. As the novel progressed, I remained hooked to the story unfolding and was desperate to see where Caroline would allow her characters' journey to end. Throughout the ordeal, many themes were touched upon by Caroline, themes that only added to the power of this novel. It broke my heart a thousand times over, and I felt like I was waiting the entirety of the book for it to be put back together again.

I loved The Torn Up Marriage by Caroline Roberts. Every single aspect of this novel was dealt with beautifully, every emotion described faultlessly, and I was wholly dedicated to the characters within. Real, raw, and stunningly captured, this book not only follows the fallout of a 'torn up marriage', but the consequences too, in the most flawless way. Becca's Books is awarding The Torn Up Marriage by Caroline Roberts with five gorgeous cupcakes. My only annoyance is that I left it untouched on my Kindle for such a long amount of time, but now, having read it, I can say that it was definitely worth the wait.


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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my debut novel on your blog - and for the truly thoughtful and fantastic review! :)